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CWD in Wisconsin

11/4/19 @ 3:09 PM
Swamp buck
User since 1/23/09

Well LittleLuck that was quite a rant about a lot of things regarding deer hunting. What all hunters want is for our deer to forever run free in our wild lands nationwide! I think every hunter if he/she is a hunter wants that. The fact is we DON'T KNOW -YET! Scientists in a lot of states and provinces are working trying to understand what we have on our hands and if there is a threat long term to our deer and elk populations and if it can become a problem for the human population. What I want is for people to understand that this disease is no joke. We need to continue to demand the DNR studies the disease and find out all we can

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2/3/24 @ 10:41 AM
User since 12/20/12
I don't disagree fishfillet. That is, if you're referring to the northern portion of the state. Whether that dynamic changes over time is anyone's guess at this point.
2/3/24 @ 10:30 AM
User since 2/6/19
Deer farms suck. They need to go away.  Sorry, not sorry!
2/3/24 @ 9:58 AM
User since 1/8/13
Madforlabs, I think the 2 biggest factors that impact  the  WI deer heard is hunters and wolves, not cwd.
2/3/24 @ 9:37 AM
User since 12/20/12
Yes. Please DO some research and critical thinking. Start by researching CWD issues and prevalence in Colorado and Wyoming.  Take a look at its impact upon Mule deer populations in certain area's.  Then explain why it's a DNR "cash cow" in Wisconsin  and that it isn't impacting the overall health of our deer herd.
I'm as dedicated a deer hunter, lover and observer as there is. I have no answer as to what the silver bullet may be to control the disease. Our scientific communities obviously haven't found the answer either. ​
Some of the comments posted here disbelieving or minimizing the existence of CWD because you're not seeing deer tipping over when you set foot in the woods are truly ignorant.  I wouldn't expect a single naysayer to be influenced by any comment I make, but for heavens sake, invest some time learning about the history, prevalence and impact of the disease before spouting nonsense in a public forum.
2/3/24 @ 7:57 AM
User since 1/8/13
It's real for sure.  However, people need to start thinking for themselves.  Use some critical thinking.  Observe what they see with their own eyes.  Do some research of their own.  Too many people believe what the news or the government tells them.  Those people are doing themselves a disservice.  
2/1/24 @ 4:16 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 10/23/20
1/29/24 @ 5:11 PM
User since 7/22/12
Wait a minute, we were told, the risks cannot be overestimated, & CWD is no hoax, & CWD has profound impact on herd health and on deer populations.  ​  
1/29/24 @ 3:40 PM
User since 1/8/13
Since it was exposed in the 90's, I have yet to see a sick deer walking in the woods.  "Follow the science"   right.
1/26/24 @ 4:05 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18
JC, I agree with you and think your thoughts are spot on.

I sure see the term “conspiracy” used quite a bit here. Since 2020, anyone who doesn’t take what the government tells them as gospel must be a “conspiracy theorist”.

Just to be clear, thoughtfully and intelligently questioning authority doesn’t lend to a “conspiracy”. As thinking, breathing, free Americans, it is not healthy to believe everything that is spoon fed to you. 

The DNR, the state government, federal government, judicial system, etc. is comprised of human beings. Sinful human beings, like you and me, that succumb to pressures and interests and agendas. Nothing created by humans will ever be perfect, so it is not reasonable to believe that all the sources of our information are pure. I do not believe that makes me a conspiracy theorist. 
1/26/24 @ 12:18 PM
User since 4/1/05
I am positive there are many (biologists, prion scientists, colleges of veterinary science, etc.) that don't want CWD to go away.  How many executives at Moderna would be happy if a small private company found the absolute cure for cancer?  As with everything else, follow the money. Climate Change, COVID, Y2K, etc offer/offered a lot of money to be made......but what if.....careers would be over if something were to be untrue, didn't work, or their position is no longer useful.  Those in that position rely on their field and spent a lot of money on education to get there, and has been proven over history people do evil things to protect their job or to make a buck.  The more people get worked up about something the more money that can be made.....be it a "big deal" or a "nothinburger" it doesn't matter.  
1/26/24 @ 12:15 PM
User since 3/18/08
Fishin....HA!  Yup...my mind sure did go there :)  And I wasn't insinuating that your post was "that kind of post", so apologies if you thought that's what I meant.
1/26/24 @ 11:29 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/12/14
Jokes on you RW. I never stated anything against the rules. Your mind just naturally went that way. My post was to vague. Kind of left it up for the imagination to decide. 
1/26/24 @ 9:57 AM
User since 3/18/08
"We got far bigger problems than CWD. Way worse."
Oh yes, absolutely agree there!   But that kind of conversation on this site will get ya booted 😊
1/26/24 @ 9:56 AM
User since 3/18/08
“Ironically these things have already occurred in Northern Wisconsin, although not from CWD, the end result is the same.”

And hunters are unhappy, right?  What are the solutions to these problems where the end result is the same?

Northern WI: reduce antlerless harvest while prioritizing more logging to create better habitat to support more deer.   Continued predator management too.  Agree?
Southern WI: What do you do when a disease (not habitat, not predators) ultimately becomes the driving force on deer population control?  Thoughts and prayers for the deer while wishing it will go away? 
1/26/24 @ 9:55 AM
User since 3/18/08
“Noone said the dnr wants cwd” fishfillet

Actually, this guy did:

…..I have always said as well that CWD is COVID for the DNR. They love it more than they would love the absence of it……., the last thing the DNR wants is for this to go away.” Bowhunting Guy, 1/22/24 6:50pm post
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