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10/10/23 @ 3:34 PM
User since 4/2/02

Eskimo under 14 pounds with their new model. Very tempting. Thought my Ion at 22 or 23 pounds was light. 

What auger do you have or want these days? 

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12/7/23 @ 5:09 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/06
“Couple spare batteries and electric will outperform gas any day.”

I don’t know how you can say that. It might be lighter to carry around, but it certainly isn’t going to out perform a gas auger. On a 5 day trip to LOTW with excess of 36” of ice with 16”-24” of snow, I didn’t go through 1 can of Tru-Fuel.
The guides where we go out from all use gas augers. When I told them that I use an electric back in Wisconsin, they laughed and said they wouldn’t last one day in these conditions. They have a shed full of augers and there’s not one electric unit in the bunch 
12/7/23 @ 3:40 PM
User since 1/10/21
For those that have an Eskimo Composite electic auger...pro's and con's? Cannot say that I have ever drilled a total of 15-20 holes in ice of 30-36" thickness in my life during a single day.
12/7/23 @ 8:43 AM
User since 12/19/11
Ya'll just need stronger wrists   I average 2000+ holes a season and just use the handle. And that's with the k-drill which bites more than the lite flite when it busts through. If you're buying a auger bit, drill, and clam plate you're sitting around $400 and might as well just buy an actual electric auger.

Guides are already using electic augers with extension up on Lake Winnipeg. Couple spare batteries and electric will outperform gas any day. IDK about you, but I'm not drilling 50 holes through 36" with a gas or electric auger anyways. Ain't nobody got time for that!
12/6/23 @ 8:08 PM
User since 5/12/16
TS Fine Day is right,get a clam plate and you will think you won the lottery.
12/6/23 @ 6:35 PM
User since 8/25/11
So is Jiffy still in Sheboygan Falls? I see they have a new address. 
12/6/23 @ 4:38 PM
User since 7/22/12
TS, do what U want, however rethink the handle.  PITA.  Broke my wrist 4 years because of the handle.  Get yourself the Clam Plate.  Super easy super effective & lite weight. You will not regret that purchase.  
12/6/23 @ 3:36 PM
User since 8/28/11
Bought a Jiffy Torch at the end of the ice season in Feb. of 2022.  Best auger I've ever use. Cuts just like the old Jiffy gas auger with a Dewalt 20V brushless drill.  I need to get a handle for my drill and some bigger amp hour batteries but it cuts awesome and is super light.
Augers photo by Turkeyslayer2
Augers photo by Turkeyslayer2
Augers photo by Turkeyslayer2
12/6/23 @ 12:00 PM
User since 3/15/08
Went electric a couple of years ago with a drill and 6" lazer.  Last year upgraded to a 8" lite flite.  Would never go back.  One thing I really miss is the sound of gas augers firing up all over the lake on a cold calm morning.
12/6/23 @ 11:25 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/06
The electric auger setups are great for mobility and simplicity. Even though I have multiple setups for my dill/auger that I use on a regular basis, I can’t part ways with the Jiffy Model 30 8” and Eskimo Quantum 10” that I have. There’s still a few situations that warrants the use of the gas augers. When I go to LOTW we have an average of 36” of ice. Couple that with the usual 16”-24” of snow cover and the electric augers are utterly useless. The Eskimo 10” with an 18” extension is the only way to get through the ice and snow and even that is almost up to the power head when you break through. 
12/6/23 @ 8:50 AM
User since 12/19/11
Welcome to ​the world of electric augers! ​I can't imagine going back to my old jiffy. I still use it to drill holes for fencing just about every summer, so ​it reminds me how good ​of a decision going electric was! Hard to believe next generation won't even ​know what a gas or propane auger is.
12/5/23 @ 10:22 PM
User since 4/2/02
Good for you Z. That’s a great deal. 

The new Eskimo, every time I pick it up, it’s like I have to rewire the brain. I am used to lifting my hand and arm in a certain motion expecting a certain weight. And the weight is about half of what I expect. It just catches me by surprise each time. 14 pounds for a 10 inch auger. Never thought I’d see the day! What a great Christmas gift! 
12/5/23 @ 5:01 PM
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I just bought a 10” auger bit from the Ion website for $49. It has the steel flights with a composite bottom and normally sells for $180. I already have the Ion 8” on my drill setup, but this is perfect for fishing Browns in the harbors or chasing the big Pike when we have thicker ice and lots of snow cover 
12/4/23 @ 11:48 PM
User since 4/2/02
That’s a sweet deal on the Ion! 
12/3/23 @ 8:31 PM
User since 7/6/09
Just FYI...
ION® 40-Volt Powerhead with 8" Ice Auger Model Number: 39989 Menards ® SKU: 2701906
SALE PRICE Good Through 12/11/23    $399.00
MAIL-IN REBATE (Limit 2) Good Through 12/11/23   $100.00
FINAL PRICE   $299.00 each

Augers photo by drewster
12/3/23 @ 2:34 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/11
Just bought Eskimo E40 at St. PAUL expo yesterday. $429 with extra battery free from Reeds. Eskimo threw in free head cover. Can't wait to get it out on the ice.
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