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9/27/20 @ 6:19 AM
User since 6/1/09

Recent Tournaments Results suggest all is Not well with the system ! 225 Boats and 450 of the (Best) walleye fishermen in the country and over 1/2 cannot catch one fish In a 3 day tournament! Only a handful of angler Teams reported a 5 fish limit, and this is with NO size limit! Weather conditions were very good every day, with just a few wet conditions! Wi.DNR should do a re-evaluation and maybe some honest answers about this system!

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9/29/20 @ 6:01 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

Also, as long as White Bass were brought up, they have no limit for a reason. They are a direct competitor of a Walleye for forage. I believe they are also prolific spawners so unless held in check they could quickly upset the balance in the lake. The more Whites eating the less forage for Walleye. I'm fine having more Walleye than White Bass.

9/29/20 @ 5:48 AM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

If you have spent much time on Lake Winnebago you would know that this is very typical for this time of year. Every angler knew it once the date was pushed back, it would be a grind.

Many "young of the year" are now large enough to be forage, its the peak time of year for that type bait in the lake.

That being said I agree that 5 fish per day with no size limit was too much for the lake to withstand. It still turns my stomach watching guys catch, keep, and brag about "a limit" of 10-12" Walleyes.

9/28/20 @ 6:54 AM
User since 4/16/18

I thought the bag limit was dropped to 3.

9/27/20 @ 5:53 PM
User since 6/1/09

I agree with you,everybody says take all the white bass you can. Groups taking 300 to 400 fish day after day has to decimate the fishery. Along with 5 fish and no size limit on walleye.The system is in trouble!

9/27/20 @ 7:33 AM
User since 6/1/09

If there is so much bait in the system how come the growth rate is so pathetic, sometimes things just don’t add up!

9/27/20 @ 6:55 AM
Paranoid Percher
User since 8/19/18

Hard to catch eyes when there bellies are full tons of bait in system.12 or so years ago fished team tournament on Bago system only 4 fish were caught in 2 days 200 plus boats.

Displaying 46 to 52 of 52 posts
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