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Grouse Reports ! ! !

9/12/03 @ 11:53 AM
User since 8/24/01
Let us know where youre finding the birds, what were the conditions, what type of terrain.

Lets here some good dog stories as well.

Can we attach pictures in this forum now?

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10/17/23 @ 11:14 AM
User since 8/24/07

Did you have birds flushing?  I’ve been watching the weather up north in Mercer and it looks great today but probably a lot of rain the remainder of the week. 

Do you think the wolves are chasing the deer south?  About eight years ago, I noticed few deer in and around Mercer and Manitowish Waters. One of the local guys said he thought the wolves killed and chased the deer out. I also saw little to no wolf sign. The deer seemed to rebound a couple of years later and we had to drive 20 miles an hour around the flowage to avoid hitting the dozens of deer we encountered.

I hope they rebound. Don’t know if wolves are the issue but that was a theory I heard. 
10/16/23 @ 4:31 PM
User since 10/3/12
Hunted all day and saw nothing until 230 pm. Ended up with one bird.  

My real point is that Ive put on many miles and hours of bird hunting in Price County and have yet to see a pile of deer turds.

How is it that my bird kills far surpass the number of deer turds I see?. 25 years ago this was considered impossible. Even 10 years ago this was considered impossible.  Very disheartening and strange indeed. 10 years ago I would find fresh wolf scat every week and I would still find some deer sign.. I havent seen one pile of wolf scat this year either.  

Lots of people to blame but the damage is already completed so no point going there. 
10/11/23 @ 4:50 PM
User since 8/24/07
Thanks fellas. 

The real problem is that everyone in our grouse camp has opposing, last minute work obligations. Including my son. So I would be miles into the woods alone post surgery. Probably not a good idea in the event I had a fall or some kind of emergency. Doc is a grouse hunter. So he gets it and he still waived me off. 

The pup will get plenty of time chasing birds. Just not grouse. Headed to the hunt club a few days next week and I’ll give her plenty of work.  She’s a good girl and she deserves it. 
Grouse Reports ! ! ! photo by Birdyboy
Grouse Reports ! ! ! photo by Birdyboy
Grouse Reports ! ! ! photo by Birdyboy
10/11/23 @ 3:23 PM
User since 10/3/12
More sympathy for his dog is in order LOL Its a young dog eager for birds. Birdy I think it best to side with your dogs needs and not doctors orders (just my alternative POV)  
10/11/23 @ 12:29 PM
User since 10/24/17
That is a bummer Birdy, I know how much you enjoy it from your posts.  I'm up for the next few weeks but typically only hunt a few hours in the morning or the afternoon.  I'm seeing/hearing birds still lots of leaves, still to early to tell anything about bird numbers.  There so much cover still in the hardwood stands, there are probably birds hanging out in there and wont move to their more typically spots until more leaves drop.
10/11/23 @ 12:27 PM
User since 7/24/01
Man, that really sucks BB!  Sorry to hear that.  I know I'd be really bummed if I were in your shoes.
10/11/23 @ 10:00 AM
User since 8/24/07
Well.  Thanks to a recent surgery, it looks like no grouse hunting for me next week.  I think my season is done without ever getting a single day in the field.  I am disappointed but the doc doesn't want me out tromping around in the woods.  This is a heartbreak.  I wait all year to go.  I guess I will have to live vicariously through others.
10/10/23 @ 8:13 PM
Outdoor Freak!
User since 9/26/19
Hunted Price Co. Wisconsin October 7th thru 10th.  Flushed 45 birds total over 4 days.  Mostly grouse.  Only 3 Woodcock.  Many groups of birds. Others a bit shy, flushing out of range.  You’ll find birds if you are willing to put the walking miles in.  Ticks were abundant! I’d recommend spraying and brushing your dogs frequently, and checking yourself. Some of them were very small.  Get out and have a blast!
Grouse Reports ! ! ! photo by Outdoor Freak!
10/6/23 @ 8:51 AM
User since 8/24/07
Headed up the 16th for a week.  Extended weather forecast looks good.  I'll be hunting solo with my pup.  Three other guys and my son all have last minute work obligations that screwed up our annual trip.  I pay closer attention and hunt better alone so I'm OK with it.  Hoping for an overnight freeze next week to set the stage for some good hunting.  
10/6/23 @ 7:35 AM
User since 10/24/04
Hunted yesterday. Visibility getting better. Lots of leaves down on the secondary, undergrowth. Raining now should help get rid of more leaves. Hopefully the hot weather is done. Lost 4 days to heat. Lots of ticks yesterday.
Flushed 8 birds. This front should bring down the woodcock.
9/29/23 @ 6:13 AM
User since 12/16/10
Been out several days this season.   Finding birds each time.   
Grouse Reports ! ! ! photo by Duffin
Grouse Reports ! ! ! photo by Duffin
Grouse Reports ! ! ! photo by Duffin
9/28/23 @ 6:01 PM
User since 10/24/04
14 flushes today. Walked an are where we flushed 10 last week and only got up 3. Crossed over to an area I haven’t hunted this year and flushed 11. One covey of 6. Problem was I only saw fleeting glances and never fired a shot.
9/27/23 @ 9:03 PM
User since 10/24/04
Flushed 6 today in wet woods. 2 hr walk. Should be good when the sun comes out but it’s going to warm Fri-Mon.
Grouse Reports ! ! ! photo by clueless
9/24/23 @ 8:24 AM
User since 1/27/17
Got out last weekend iron river mi area.  Flushed around a dozen while out. One shot and miss. Lots of foliage still , normal for this time of year. Nice to get out.
9/22/23 @ 1:19 PM
User since 10/24/04
Short 45 min walk this morning resulted in 3 flushes. Swamp edges. I would really like some cooler weather.
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