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8/22/23 @ 7:18 PM
User since 11/7/14
8/19/23 @ 5:53 PM
User since 4/1/02
Lake Michigan had that ugly nasty 3 foot plus solid wave chop I call it from the Southeast on the way out Friday evening.  Waves just a few seconds apart and like  hitting a brick wall with an aluminum bow but I did eventually get set in 65ft. just South of town.  I had spoken with two fellows with a good catch at the Manitowoc launch Friday AM and my hopes were higher than what actually happened.  I had 3 riggers and two braided dipsies set about 6:15PM; later put down a wire dipsy with flasher fly while the other 5 rods had spoons.  No boards just too bouncy. We didn't get deeper than 77ft. and I started trolling into them but turned at 7PM to make things easier into the dark.  There was 49-50 degree water 50ft. down got this from another boater.  Nothing going into them but shortly after the turn a 38ft. rigger went but eventually was off.  About 7:40PM the wire mag dipsy loc 100ft. double aqua howie and white 8 inch bechhold took off.  30 miniutes later the male 4 year old found our net and I pulled shortly after.  Good number of boats out last evening.  One good thing was the current kept the rigger lines pretty straight with either a North or South troll.  The Salmon was tanning but meat was solid.  Appreciated the son keeping the boat on course for the two old men along. Good Luck.
Two Rivers/Manitowoc, Lake Michigan photo by tangled2
8/19/23 @ 9:31 AM
User since 2/8/11

That wave forecast I posted is quite accurate within 24 hours and almost dead accurate within 12 hours. It’s pretty typical for a S or SE wind to develop in the afternoon during summer on sunny days. If I see that the wind is going to shift or build from any direction, I will intentionally motor to or troll in a direction that will put me upwind of the launch. Mostly for an easier ride back but also in case I need to flee quickly. It’s easy to troll with the wind and wind up way downwind of the launch, therefore making for a rough ride back in.
8/19/23 @ 7:46 AM
User since 8/24/07
Well, that was disappointing. Saw two guys hanging four nice kings when we rolled into Seagull Marina so had higher hopes, and then reality slapped me right across the face lol. Started out with boards and the 7 color and two dipsies per side. Started in about 75 and worked out to 120-130 and back in.  No action at all. Wound up quite a ways north of TR, much farther than I thought we were which made the 5:30pm run back pretty interesting with the wind now out of the south and a pretty decent chop. Good thing I know how to drive a boat in conditions like that. Think I'll definitely be looking at REALLY calm days to try it again. While the boat itself can handle things well, the low profile of a ProV made moving around to tend to things a little challenging in the building swells. And slipping at the launch and bending my hip to a degree it hasn't seen in years really didn't help my abilities either. 
Maybe next time....
8/18/23 @ 8:43 AM
User since 8/24/07
Thanks for the info! Looks like a beautiful day to be on a boat!  Really can't explain how excited I am right now. These last two hours of work are going to drag....
Per the replies to my small boat spread thread on the Great Lakes board, I'm planning on running two 7 color off boards and a couple dipsies per side, 3 and 0 settings most likely. I've always heard run something orange up high for bows. Will a 7 color (@35 feet, right?) be too deep for that surface action?  I have snap weights so could run those instead of lead off the boards. I fear I'm going to be paralyzed with indecision once we get out there lol
8/18/23 @ 7:44 AM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
hockeyguy39     As of 730 am today Friday , the Marine forecasts near shore, {up to 5 miles out} look like less than 2 ft waves . Sat. after midnight , looks like waves building out of the south 4-7 ft. with a small craft warning possible after 6 AM. I would say go for it ,with the current forecast today ! I would try to set up in 90' depth, down 40-60 ft on your downriggers, and troll east to 130' depth , and see what is working ? With Westerly winds all morning, if your out later in afternoon, maybe troll west and see if the water temps have dropped enough to push fish in closer ! Watch the Charter Boats ,but keep your distance !!!
Wet Nets & Good fishing <(((<  
8/17/23 @ 3:06 PM
User since 2/8/11
Wave forecast ​​​

I’d expect 1-2’ in the afternoon but the morning looks pretty smooth. I run an 18’ glass boat and don’t particularly enjoy any wind much over 10 mph from any direction other than dead west. That summer afternoon SE wind is pretty tough to predict for wave height. 
Two Rivers/Manitowoc, Lake Michigan photo by migr8r
8/17/23 @ 10:41 AM
User since 8/24/07
As of now, I plan on taking a friend out tomorrow late morning into the mid-late afternoon hours. I have an 18' Lund ProV that can handle decent waves, but I'm curious what I'm in store for. Obviously today is rather breezy if not downright windy, although it's WNW according to WeatherUnderground. Looks to retain the direction but let up a bit overnight, and tomorrow is supposedly WNW to NW at 5-10. Any idea what to expect as far as wave action with those conditions?  Really anxious to get out there; however, I don't want to put myself in any kind of situation that could have been avoided.

8/9/23 @ 12:31 PM
User since 6/5/11
Out last night working 130 to 85 FOW, 3 for 4 with 2 small kings and about a 12lb king.  Worked mainly directly east.  Hits came on downrigger down 71, pump handle out 150ish (1lb ball) and wire dipseys out around 150, 2 hits on spoons and 2 hits on FF.  All hits after sunset and around 90fow
8/8/23 @ 4:38 PM
User since 4/1/02
About a 3 hour run off Manitowoc Tuesday AM.  Only about 8 trailers in lot when we came in at 8AM.  Perfect conditions with a foot to foot and a half chop as I had 4 rods set at 4:30AM in 65ft..   Things had been good that depth the past couple weeks but things had changed a bit even since my last launch on Thursday the 3rd..  We spent 45minutes in that 65-70ft. range and netted a small King before I decided to turn East at 5:15AM.
Sunrise was 5:45.  Things ended up being good in that 100ft. to 130ft. depth half way down.  Both spoons and 00 dodgers and flies got hit.  We ended 4 for 6 before I pulled just before 7:30AM.  Temp break has moved down to that 60ft. plus range.  Our two bigger Kings came off riggers set 66ft. and 56ft. mag spoons.  The bow we netted was on a mag dipsy 00 red dodger and fly out 110ft. set 2.  We missed a bigger King off that same rig when my braided line got jammed at 550ft. and the fish was still running.  The fish in pic was 20# 15oz. on Popp's UPS scale.  That fish was a Female no fin clips and loaded with alewife the other 3 fish had Zilch.  I kept one King gave the guts and other fish to a Friend.  He uses the guts for crabbing.  Surprising less fleas than Thursday on lines with 72 surface.   Good Luck.
Two Rivers/Manitowoc, Lake Michigan photo by tangled2
Two Rivers/Manitowoc, Lake Michigan photo by tangled2
Two Rivers/Manitowoc, Lake Michigan photo by tangled2
Displaying 11 to 20 of 7,902 posts

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