It is that time of the year again. I love to fish but i took off a couple of days to go to the farm and scout and bow hunt for a few days. The weather was great and it was great to spend some time out in the woods. Went down friday afternoon and got in the woods about 3. It wasn't but a half how or so I had 2 big gobblers walk out at 30 yards. Trying to get into position I was busted and they turned and walked off. Saw a ton of squirrels and wished I had my rifle. the just at it was starting to get dark I had a doe and 2 big fawns walk in. The one fawn got close enough to me hat I could see his buttons. All of them got within ten yards . The dow was a good one but I let them walk. I guess I am a soft in my old age but she produce 2 nice fawns maybe it can happen again. Back to the house I went had to sneak out because they were still in the field when I left. Day 2 morning Had spike buck come in and wander the complete field and gave me several opportunities for a shot but I was still holding out. he walked out of the field and in about a half of a hour here he came down the fire trail again . He was just taking his time again at 30 yards. then all of a sudden I realized I was being watched and sure enough the same turkeys busted me again. Off then went and that was the morning hunt. Went and had a great lunch and back out to the woods only to see squirrels the rest of the day. Back to the lake waiting until 10 for the fishing day to begin.