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2/9/23 @ 9:09 AM
User since 8/4/08
I think with the rainstorm this morning, we can safely say this has been the worst ice season ever. I mean really...it's brutally warm for all of December, gets cold for Christmas for 4 days, then gets brutally warm again for a solid month. Then gets cold again for 3 days, now it will be warm again for the rest of winter. Awful. Need to put this season out of my head ASAP!
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1/31/24 @ 10:42 AM
User since 5/21/03
I have all the ice gear that I need, I was just wondering about inventory.  About the only thing I may get new is a new set of lighter weight bibs for cold open water fishing.

I appreciate the post about whitefish in GB....I'm just not interested in going out south of Sturgeon Bay for a shallow water bite.
1/30/24 @ 9:18 PM
User since 3/17/09
Dewey has a great selection, prices
1/30/24 @ 8:48 PM
User since 3/17/09
Vegas,  check Dewey Catchem in Minocqua, online sale on now.
1/30/24 @ 8:33 PM
User since 6/19/01
tzeilstra   same  thoughts as  you i've been  diehard iceangler  since I was a kid...this past Sunday was my 1st time out  SE Wis, and probably my last... cuz of this goofy weather .last year only 4 times out.....kinda loosing my enthusiasm for it which is sad.
1/30/24 @ 6:47 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/15/20
Vegas, the Whitefish are thick in shallow water a little further south of where you probably go. I know guys that have been limiting most outings for a few weeks now. My buddy dropped off 10 for my smoker Saturday. 
Worst...winter...ever photo by JimiJigs
Worst...winter...ever photo by JimiJigs
1/30/24 @ 4:58 PM
User since 1/19/07
Places will heavily discount their ice fishing equipment/gear/tackle starting in a week or two I'd imagine. They want to unload inventory so they don't have to store it since storing it costs $ in the form of taking up space, so better to sell cheaper than just have it sit there and maybe not even sell next year, too
1/30/24 @ 1:00 PM
User since 6/16/03
Vegas, Scheels is steeply discounting ice augers. Saved a couple hundred bucks. My 30 old jiffy has served me well! You would think with large inventory sale prices would start coming out on other gear. I see flip over shanty prices are dipping too.
1/30/24 @ 12:53 PM
User since 12/19/11
Since 2023, there's been about a 30 deg increase in January average temps in the entire state, how's that for scary?   

1/30/24 @ 10:43 AM
User since 12/20/12
Since 1970, the average winter temperature charted monthly has increased by 7.4 degrees in Central Wisconsin.  The average increase is linear and scary for such a short duration of time. Numerous changes noticed in the outdoors for those who pay attention. 
1/30/24 @ 9:50 AM
User since 5/21/03
I got into ice fishing about 5-6 years ago.  I fell in love with whitefishing Door County.
This will be the second year I don't get to fish them where I want.  (out deep)

I was at Fleet Farm the other day and they have serious ice fishing inventory.  Shacks, rods, lures, augers, electronics....etc.  Anyone know if they will simply store the inventory or if there are going to be some pretty crazy sales coming up in the next few weeks?

Heck, I remember some years you couldn't find ice gear this time of the year.
1/30/24 @ 9:20 AM
User since 8/4/08
Ice fishing is my passion and my absolute favorite thing to do. That's why it kills me that I have to even entertain the thought of giving it up for my own sanity, but it's something I'm strongly considering after these past couple of years and the strong possibility that things only get worse from here. 
1/29/24 @ 7:45 PM
User since 4/4/20
dude its unreal!!!!! i finally got enough ice to put my spearing shack out last monday just to have to take it off today!!!!!! yay one week spearing season  
1/29/24 @ 1:43 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/01
The winter of 2001/02 set the record for the least amount of days Lake Mendota was froze with 21.  I don't even remember it being froze at all that year, but that winter was absolutely the worst winter ever, but this year may come close!   Been out ice fishing 4 times this year and may only be able to get out a couple more times with the way the winter is going!  At least that winter, when I was in college at UW Whitewater I ice fished until mid-February.  I think that winter also set the record for the latest date ever we got below zero, which was in March when one snowstorm came along and produced some cold temps for a few days.
1/26/24 @ 8:41 AM
User since 7/20/09
There was one year but I forget how many years ago.  Pretty sure it was another strong El Nino year.  Although it may have been a little colder.  I just remember there being no snow for most of the winter and the businesses who rely on snowmobiles struggled.  The lake tops sort of melted funny and were jagged.  Then March came and we got dumped on with a ton of snow, but by then people were done with winter so it was just a huge hassle.  I'm hoping this year isn't like that...don't really want a bunch of March snow.
1/26/24 @ 8:31 AM
User since 12/19/11
This winter is a run and gun fisherman's dream. No lake pressure, easy travel, and comfortable conditions. That being said, 45 degrees next week in NW WI is crazy! I'm sure we've had years like this in the past but nothing that I can remember. Curious to see if we notice a positive affect on fish populations and size in the upcoming years with the lack of harvest this winter, particularly for the crappie populations which really seem to only get hit hard in winter and spring spawn.
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