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4/14/15 @ 9:36 PM
User since 1/25/06
Just wondering who picks and when you start picking. For some great reason I get a kick out of it. Last year was more of a learning opportunity and I was fairly discouraged. However, I stuck with it and managed to map out/mark on a GPS over 300 areas with plants on different road around my house...Hoping this is the ticket.
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5/2/24 @ 7:58 AM
User since 1/6/09
At my last house we had a strip of flower garden covered in river rock.  A bird was kind enough to deposit some seed in one spot, after a few years we had enough large spears to begin harvesting.

The rock was about 3-4" deep.
5/1/24 @ 4:47 PM
User since 10/31/15
The stones are mostly for a finished look. It helps a small bit with weeds. at this rate I might be sick of asparagus by June.
4/26/24 @ 4:01 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 5/11/03
Kutt2, just a question on the pic you posted. Looks like you have your bed covered in round stones of some kind. I've never seen that before, is that to help keep down the weeds? I imagine it must just be an inch deep or so or the spears wouldn't be able to push through very well. Appreciate any comments you can give.

My bed is roughly 15' x 15' and is 20 years old. I always add seeds back to it every year and a few years ago I bought some crowns from a nursery and filled in areas that were not producing much. Biggest issue with asparagus in my opinion is keeping out the weeds. You just need to get in there and pull them out, and add a good mulch every year.
4/26/24 @ 12:40 PM
Walli Guy
User since 7/27/14
44/45 .... crowns can produce pickable spears sooner than seeds, but i have two good patches started from seeds that are doing very well.
in my experience, you can pick a few spears started from seeds in year three. one of my patches, in its fifth year i think, i am getting a lot of spears as big around as my little finger. the other patch is in its seventh or eighth season and many spears as big around as my thumb.
i have added more seed plantings to the second patch, which is expanding nicely, but the patch also spreads when it goes to seed.
lots of info out there on utube and home extensions sites
i still have a couple good wild asparagus spots but they arent producing yet while it started sooner than usual in the garden this year.
4/26/24 @ 6:36 AM
Outa line
User since 8/9/21
I’d strongly recommend against buying crowns from big box stores. Go to a reputable local garden center - I guarantee you will come home with a better product.
4/26/24 @ 4:59 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 3/9/11
I tried getting asparagus started a few times. Any pointers out there?
4/24/24 @ 4:50 PM
User since 10/31/15
This was tax day. the earliest ever.
Asparagus photo by Kutt2
5/28/23 @ 1:40 PM
Formerly the big guy
PRO MEMBER User since 10/3/11
Been looking around my area and only finding a few. Really think we need some rain as my garden is really dry. Most of the stalks I've been getting are nice and thick.
6/10/22 @ 12:21 PM
Formerly the big guy
PRO MEMBER User since 10/3/11

Picked again yesterday 6-9-22. Only found 8-10 stalks on the back roads by my house. Will look again next week.

6/9/22 @ 6:30 PM
kill'n time
User since 7/14/09

I have not cut until spring and have had good success, just a mess in the yard come fall when they all fall over. Had a good harvest from the garden this year and thinking of trying to make a batch of pickled asparagus. Ill try an online recipe, but they are all over the place. If I am going through the effort was wondering if anyone has a good one they would be willing to share.  Thanks

6/9/22 @ 4:50 PM
User since 4/12/21


6/9/22 @ 1:10 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/01

Leave them until spring if you want to keep them for the wildlife.  Otherwise cut them in the fall.  Also I've read that if you have the asparagus beetle (I do) cut the stalks in the fall and it will reduce the amount of beetles you'll have the next year.  I've done this the last two years and it seems to be helping.  I had a few beetles early this year but I smooshed every one of them I found.  Haven't seen anymore in a couple of weeks now.

6/9/22 @ 7:18 AM
Walli Guy
User since 7/27/14

i was told by a old asparagus grower to cut the stalks after they are dead in fall so winter winds dont whip the plants around and potentially harm the root system

been doing it that way for 6-7 years with no ill effects, but i aint no master gardener lol.

i'd google but i'm going fishing

6/8/22 @ 12:49 PM
User since 4/12/21

You cut the stalks in fall?? I was always told to leave them over winter to insulate the roots to help prevent freezing out over winter.

6/8/22 @ 9:01 AM
Walli Guy
User since 7/27/14

never heard of pulling female plants, i just let em all go until cutting the stalks close to the ground in late fall.

this was the fourth year for a 6x6 ft patch i started from seeds and i picked a lot of good sized spears. let a bunch of pencil sized and smaller go to seed. the patch is filling in more each year

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