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summer mushrooms..... who picks and what

6/24/14 @ 5:15 AM
User since 1/21/02
just curious on who picks, what they pick
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12/31/23 @ 4:31 PM
User since 11/6/18
Over the last couple weeks I've found some enoki and wood blewits. I really wasn't looking for the blewits - they were in a customer's yard. There wasn't really enough enoki to harvest - that was the result of a short walk where I knew they're abundant. Someone was hunting in that woods and  I didn't want to ruin his hunt so I kept the visit short. Anyway,I'll check this week to see if the enoki have gotten any bigger....Witches butter and wood ear are being found locally as well as a surprising amount of Pleurotis ostreatus/oysters.. Some winter/elm oysters are around locally but I've "heard" rather than seen.
12/22/23 @ 4:58 PM
User since 11/6/18
Chitown - one of the first places might be to join a club. I belong to the Wisconsin Mycological Society. Dues are $20/year.

The Chicagoland Mushroom Club might be a start. They do monthly forays during the warmer months.

12/21/23 @ 12:06 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 3/4/06
Wish I knew how to start, have no idea what to do I used to go to a mushroom farm right off of Rte# 50  and  county  RD #P. Is that place still there? Man they had great mushrooms," fresh as the day is Morn"!
12/12/23 @ 10:48 AM
User since 11/6/18

There ain't enough fish cops to enforce anything like that on anything but state and federal land. Even at that...REALLY? "Wanna look in my backpack? No."

One problem - as I see it - as there are currently many employees of the WDNR who believe their job is to reduce and eventually eliminate ANY "consumptive use" of resources. Hunting,fishing,gathering...for the general public...and reduce or eliminate any "for profit" use as well.

Or at least be a PITA for any who engage in any consumptive use.
12/11/23 @ 2:21 PM
User since 7/24/01
There's no way I'm buying a license or limiting myself to harvesting 1 pound of mushrooms. 

Good luck enforcing that...catch me if you can.
12/6/23 @ 10:55 AM
User since 12/13/09
Well spoken. I can't agrre with you more. Why does government need to stick they're noses into everything we do. What do I do when I find a five pound Hen? Bring along a scale and cut off only a pounds worth. Sounds like a bunch of folks who have never been in the woods and don't understand the effort put forth just to locate a good shroom spot. Maybe they should watch their own bobbers once in a while. If I were to bet there will be a new license to buy soon.
12/5/23 @ 12:29 PM
User since 11/6/18
I didn't realize this forum existed. I'd forgotten about the "general outdoors" category as it's buried below a bunch of more specialized categories.

Anyway,I posted on a very small "mushrooms" thread on the 'campfire' forums...I suspect at least a few here sell morel mushrooms in springtime. As of 1/1/24 sellers will need state certification to do so. There will be numerous classes (and tests) available throughout the state this winter. I took the class and passed the test this past weekend.

Information is available at www.wiscosinmycologicalsociety.org

Picking mushrooms for sale will no longer be allowed on public lands. There are also plans in the works to have very restrictive bag limits in the near future. From what I undertsand,once those limits are in place,anyone with over (I heard the amount of 1lb) could be charged with "possession with intent to sell"....The justification there being "Nobody NEEDS more than 1lb."...Where have we heard THAT before? lol.

Nobody needs more than...10 bluegills. More than (how many?) rounds. Nobody NEEDS more than 3 walleyes. And nobody needs more than 1lb of wild mushrooms. Want more? Go again tomorrow.

"Nobody NEEDS ---" ... will be the justification for restricting other areas of our lives in the future too. Some unelected bureaucrat gets to decide what I do and don't need because he or she is "smarter" than the rest of us.

As many of us know,picking mushrooms is like picking apples from a tree. It does not affect the organism itself. By the time we find them,the mushrooms have usually sporulated already. They've reproduced....and with the exception of parks near urban areas - especially for morels - there really isn't much issue with competition for the resource.
10/23/23 @ 1:03 PM
User since 10/13/05
Picked another 10# of Hens this weekend.  They are just the best.
10/18/23 @ 1:11 PM
User since 12/19/01
Yes, we do.  Have not found anything more than an isolated patch or 2 in the last few years.  Will be looking from now til mid November tho, you never know.  Ran across a shaggy mane bonanza about 10 years ago in an empty commercial lot, literally hundreds, and they were popping thru the first snowfall of the year.  Only lasted 2 seasons, now is paved over.  Nothing like that quantity elsewhere since, but pretty reliably I see a clump or 2 around in the fall.

Yeah, recently disturbed, grassy, areas are key.  New school yards, industrial parks, commercial developments.

10/18/23 @ 11:05 AM
User since 2/4/05
Anyone on here pick shaggy manes and if you do have you found any lately. I used to find them all the time. I even used to have them on my lawn. I have not seen any for at least 10 years. I know that they can be found where the ground has been disturbed but nothing.
9/28/23 @ 3:16 PM
User since 1/12/14
Lots of fungi in the woods this afternoon.  Saw chickens, hens, and oysters.  Hens small, so didn’t pick-western Sheboygan County.
9/20/23 @ 2:08 PM
kill'n time
User since 7/14/09
These show up in my yard every fall. Any ideas what kind this is? Always next to an oak tree
summer mushrooms..... who picks and what photo by kill'n time
9/19/23 @ 5:58 PM
User since 7/24/01
summer mushrooms..... who picks and what photo by Hunter&Hound
summer mushrooms..... who picks and what photo by Hunter&Hound
summer mushrooms..... who picks and what photo by Hunter&Hound
8/28/23 @ 7:48 PM
User since 7/13/01
Yellow Chantelle and Lobster
summer mushrooms..... who picks and what photo by lar
summer mushrooms..... who picks and what photo by lar
8/17/23 @ 10:22 PM
User since 11/26/01
Good find today
summer mushrooms..... who picks and what photo by IceFishBaby
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