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2021 Deer season

11/4/21 @ 7:27 PM

Edit: I meant to say Gun deer season.

I will be in Shawano county. Weather looks really nice. Very excited as usual. I loves me some opening days.

Anyone hunting MN opener? It's gonna be 60*, glad I didn't plan on it. 


TODAY @ 7:58 AM
USER SINCE 12/14/12

 Madforlabs, could you elaborate more on your statement from the previous post, Thanks.

Check out most of Minnesota to see the results... 

TODAY @ 7:32 AM
USER SINCE 12/20/12

Ihooks annual tale of woe...

Rather than asking the state to change the season structure,  perhaps one could do something different in hopes of changing the end result.

As the previous poster noted, a gun hunt during the full-on run would decimate the mature buck population.  Check out most of Minnesota to see the results...

11/26/21 @ 9:34 PM
USER SINCE 12/7/05


I don't see how moving gun season to the rut is a sustainable move. 550,000-600,000 people with rifles banging away at deer that are running around thinking with the wrong head would be fun and all, but I have a feeling the one or two years of record kills would decimate the deer herd and destroy any age structure for years. If guys want to use a crossbow and hunt the rut instead of waiting until gun season, then let them. But I think moving gun season up a week and into the rut would be a management disaster that would be hard to recover from.

If guys want less pressure on public land and want the numbers to recover, talk to your reps and tell them to raise nonresident license fees. Wisconsin is one of the best whitetail hunting states, yet we have about the cheapest nonresident license in the country. Iowa, Illinois, Montana and several other states a TWO to THREE times what our nonresident license cost, and most of those states require nonresident hunters to draw a tag, not just show up and buy one online or over the counter. There are other options out there that just seem to go overlooked that would help the DNR better manage the herd and fund more accurate deer counts and population studies. 

11/26/21 @ 8:47 PM
USER SINCE 11/29/01

My son and I hunted Sawyer county Saturday and Sunday. He actually saw 2 does  and 3 grouse in one sit. Wow. I saw a deer cross a river on opening day. Nothing on Sunday. There literally were hardly any shots up north. Monday we hunted public land in Dodge county and nothing. I hunted again tonight and nothing. In 9 sits so far between the both of us we only saw deer one time. That is one in 9 sits . I am not sure why . I didn't hear a single gun shot today. And yes,, to answer other people's post , I know of quite a few people that dont take gun season serious anymore, and it is because of crossbows.  As many of us get older, including myself, I'm 58  and decided I'm not sitting in a tree 12' up in 12 degree temps with a wind.  Because of crossbows, it is more and more obvious that gun season will start to play second fiddle. We can help ourselves out by making opening day a week earlier. Not as cold and more deer to be seen. The rut really fizzled out this year. 

11/26/21 @ 8:20 PM
USER SINCE 3/26/19

day 5 of season for me today.. zero seen yet! no shortage of hunting pressure in all the different areas ive been to

11/26/21 @ 7:07 PM
USER SINCE 2/23/16

My deer season is over... Very sad but I had a great season l did not shoot one seen a few small bucks and does with little one's running behind them... At my hunting age I have shot deer and I enjoy watching young deer learning how to survive by watching following mom watching looking...At peace and I have found out what hunting is all about...

Now Taylor county was very quiet.. Shots were far and few.. I didn't hear a shot this morning and yesterday I think it was around 11am... No movement on cell camera through food plot the last 2nights.. Very little traffic on the road this morning also..on a good note my son got his first deer on Monday and he learned how to be a hunter not just a killer.. life is gift and care for the animals and respect it.. Enjoy your hunt to all..

11/26/21 @ 5:46 PM

Thanksgiving morning heard 3 total gunshots. Saw exactly 1 vehicle by a woods this morning on a 30 minute drive to my land at 730. I think the gun hunters just aren't going like they used to. Are more people going to crossbows and giving up on gun season,  numbers seem to say so. And this year deer activity was way down for alot of the people I talked to. Definitely an odd year.

11/26/21 @ 11:16 AM
USER SINCE 12/7/05

It has been a rough season for me, but was able to put my tag on a nice buck Wednesday morning. We saw plenty of deer, just not anything worth shooting until this guy came through. He stopped broadside at 270 yards long enough for me to range him and make the shot. He went 15 yards and piled up. It was a special hunt because I got to share it with my dad. This is the third year in a row I've gotten my buck on Wednesday morning. I'm thinking about skipping the other 8 days of the season and just hunting Wednesday from now on! Kidding...

I was surprised at the lack of shooting and overall hunters I saw while driving around this week. Even the Kwik Trips we stop at in the morning for coffee were not very busy. I wonder if it was lack of interest or guys not being able to find ammo, or a combination of the two? Either way, it was pretty quiet around us and we hunt SW Wisconsin in ag country? 

11/26/21 @ 10:03 AM
USER SINCE 1/19/02

Waupaca co:

Wrapped up "Camp No Dear" yesterday, we had a fairly okay hunt, but overall slow than previous years, we ended up with some does a couple small ones and a mule, did see 3 smaller bucks and that was about it, what we saw we shot. Opening weekend very little shooting and didnt see or get a shot at a deer until almost 4pm that was a long sit. As always the friendship and time with my dad was what was most important, great food and laughs and lots of spirits were had, off to my inlaws camp tonight in Fond du lac, co.

I was also shocked at the lack of deer hunters out and or deer on vehicles on my drive home yesterday , not a one. weird.

goodhuntin all and get dat ruttin buuuuuck!

11/25/21 @ 10:37 AM
antler junkie
USER SINCE 8/17/05

My best buddy e-mailed this photo from his camp.

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