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Vilas County Lakes, Vilas County

7/4/22 @ 2:03 PM
Kurt Justice
USER SINCE 5/12/04


Entering July, looks like a little normalcy is finally coming to the Northwoods.  Summer like (but not too hot) temperatures, light to moderate winds and little rain for the coming week.  Patterns will start solidifying for the summer.  Most, but not all, mayfly hatches are ending, weeds are starting to peak and most spawning is over.

Largemouth Bass:  Very Good-Good – Lots of good reports from anglers pitching Wacky Worms, jig/creature and Ned Craws.  Top-water good evenings and warmer early mornings.  Working chatterbaits and ¼ oz spinnerbaits mid-morning through the afternoons over cabbage flats productive.

Bluegill:  Very Good-Good – Great action on inside weed edges using small leeches below small floats.   Over hanging trees, large piers, boathouses all providing good cover.  Gills to 10 ¼” this past week.  Most spawning finished or close to.

Yellow Perch:  Good – Working pockets in cabbage of 5-10’ using medium fatheads or medium leeches.  A small 1/32 oz jig either cast and twitched or below a float.

Smallmouth Bass:  Good – Working Ned rigs tops just along coontail breaks.  Craw imitations on drop-shot rigs as well as Wacky Worms and swimbaits working.  Not having to work too deep yet.  Most fish in 12-18’.

Musky:  Good – Surprisingly, some good multi-fish days on live suckers.  Reports from one guide with 4 boated from 34-44” and two lost in same day.  Most anglers casting bucktails and small to medium sized swimbaits.

Northern Pike:  Good – Action best over tobacco (Musky) cabbage in 5-9’ using spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and larger 4-6” paddle tailed swimbaits.

Crappie:  Good – Crappies relating to narrow leaf cabbage, downed trees and large shady boathouses.  Twitch small tubes, or cast small Mepps or beetle spins to locate.  Plastic jigs, hair jigs and small minnows under floats good after you locate fish.

Walleye:  Fair – While many lakes were in different stages of the big hexagenia hatches that just put so much easy food out there, its tough to entice consistent catches.   Some exceptional fish this week, including a 33” beauty (hopefully more info to come).  Yet overall, not a great week for Walleye chasers.  But once these hatches are finished, some better weed edge fishing should occur as the Eyes get hungry again.

Most lake reporting a surface temp of 72-74 degrees.   Shouldn’t be much deviation with forecasted highs in upper 70’s for the week.

Kurt's Island Sport Shop
(715) 356-4797
7/4/22 @ 1:09 PM
71° - 75° F
66° - 70° F
Dave Musch

Didn't have anyone who wanted to fish on this 4th of July morning. So I went by myself to try a new area on this old lake. Caught 5 pretty quickly 4 keeper size and 1 slot fish. Kept the 3 you can see in the picture. I have neighbors on each side of me who can't or don't fish that appreciate getting some walleye fillets.Caught them all on a jig with crawlers in 24 to 28 feet. Today it was 4 to 1 ratio keeper size to slot. Last time it was 3 to 1 slot size to keeper. 

7/4/22 @ 10:56 AM
John Andrew
USER SINCE 8/10/09


More special clients and new friends.

The people pictured are some of the best.

All fish were hitting very well. Bobbers, minnows, and plastics all working.

Water temps in the low 70’s.

As always, stay positive, think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.

God Bless John Andrew

7/4/22 @ 9:54 AM
Mike Smith

Was out with Scott, Bill and Paul Sunday all day. It started out with great sunrise but the fishing was slow, we had a slot fish on the first cast and in 4 hours we only had 5 walleyes and only 1 of those was a keeper all came casting jig and night crawler. But at 10:30 we got some wind finally and we could drift and all hell broke lose. It was one after another for three hours we ended the day catching 25 Walleyes and 1 small mouth got 12 keepers. Son of gun it was fun watching those guys catch fish. I have days open still. Thanks guys had a blast.

7/4/22 @ 9:53 AM
Mike Smith

More pics and the morning started out like this

7/2/22 @ 6:20 PM
Mike Smith

Fished with Greg and Carol Saturday morning for three hours big clear lake. We drifted most of the time about a hundred yards with jig and crawler. The first pass we had two keepers and a slot fish, 22''. The 2nd pass two more keepers and slowed a little it 1/2 and hour to are next keeper and a nice 27'' that carol got she said she was snagged. I told her to snap the rod a few time and it would come off the rock. But it didn't it start to move and she had a really nice Walleye Good job Carol !  So Walleye are biting, life is good. Thanks guys so much fun and awesome job guys.

7/2/22 @ 4:37 PM
The Great Lopey
USER SINCE 2/26/19

Looking for tips and tricks for fishing North Twin. Interested in catching perch, walleye, crappie, bluegills. Recently got a vacation home up here and have fished the lake numerous times with little to no luck. Any advise would be appreciated. May be interested in getting a 4 hour guide 7-3-22 in the am. Not sure if anyone has openings or how much the cost is?

7/1/22 @ 10:40 AM
Mike Smith

Fished with Dan Thursday morning for two hours on a big deep lake for Walleyes in more than 10 mph wind. Walleyes were on fire in that wind we had 11,  6 keepers 5 slots in 22 to 25 fow on rocks and gravel bars. We used 3/16 jigs and 2/3 crawler. Thanks Dan for sure it was fun. I have two days open the week of the 4th. 

6/30/22 @ 7:09 PM
John Andrew
USER SINCE 8/10/09




This man is a fantastic client and fantastic family man. A good long time client

All fish on plastics. and hard hitting.

All fish were still shallow. several missed strikes and several caught fish.

Water temps in the low 70’s. 

I can the oil popping on lake Crisco right now.

As always, stay positive, think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.

God Bless John Andrew

6/30/22 @ 12:41 PM
Jeff Bolander
USER SINCE 8/25/13

Poor fish.  They are so confused on what is expected of them.  I believe that most fish -- bluegills, crappie, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, rock bass and sunfish missed their opportunity to spawn this year. Why do I think that?  As you know most of my clients are multi-species fisherfolks.  So when I am cleaning fish I am cleaning a wide variety each day.  Over the past two weeks we have pounded the fish, mostly in their normal haunts.  But guess what, almost all of the species I listed earlier have spawn and milk in them.  That's a lot of fish and a lot of species.  You'd think they were all pre-spawn but that time has passed.  I believe their optimum conditions to do their thing came and went so quickly, more than once, they weren't able to do what they had to do.  Time will tell how that effects the population down the line.

Other than that fishing has been great.  We actually boated 10 species the other day, a record for my boat anyway.  The hardest part about fishing lately has been the weather.  Cool and very windy.  I've already fished in a years worth of white-caps this year.  And lots of days where you start off bundled up from head to toe in the morning and then down to shorts and shirts in the afternoon.  Gotta love the northwoods.  Bug hatches are happening now also.  We were in Lac du Flambeau the other day and the electronics where filled with them.  Fishing is really good when the hatches first start but after a couple of days the fish call a time-out for a week or so.  If you want to know if they are feeding on the bugs just look inside their mouths.  If they are lined with what looks like tiny leeches then you know they are feeding on the hatch.

The hottest fish for my boat right now are smallmouth, largemouth, bluegill and crappie.  For the most part they are in 5-15 FOW next to deeper water and green weeds.  I know I've preached this a 1,000 times but if you're jig fishing stick with the 1/32 oz jig tipped with live bait.  It makes a huge difference.  If you want to throw a bait just about all the normal types, stick, spinner, ned and wacky are working.

That's all for today. I hope you have a great 4th celebrating this incredible country we are blessed to live in.  We close at 7pm on the 4th and I've been told that our parking lot is a great spot for viewing the Minocqua fire works.  Just please clean up after yourself.  Thanks in advance.

 We hope you can find the time to come in to the shop during your time here in the northwoods.  The number one comment we get is our guests can't believe the size of our selection. I put the photos up on the Facebook page.  Our selection is second to none anywhere in the northwoods. Our additional warehouse is finished now to help handle all the inventory we will have.   If you can't make it in you can always order from our website, and we'll ship your order to you.  Lots of SPECIALS on Livescope right now and the Livescope Plus is in stock! Also, keep checking our Facebook page and the website for new arrivals.  The newest offerings from Garmin, Humminbird, Blackfish and others are just starting to trickle in.

After that our normal weekly hours will be:
Monday thru Thursday from 5am to 7pm
Friday from 5am to 8pm
Saturday from 5am to 7pm
Sunday from 5am to 6pm.  

Our minnows all come direct from trappers in central Wisconsin. Right now we have crappie minnows, regular fats, Tuffys (XL large fats), Blacktail chubs, redtail chubs, walleye suckers, morthern minnows and some Musky suckers. We have plenty of waxies right now and all sizes of leeches, M/L, L/J and Panfish.  It's been a tough year for leeches so far but the trappers are finally getting some super nice ones and they are in our tanks waiting for you by the dozen, 1/4, 1/2 and full pound.  The crawlers are awesome right now.  Best I've seen over the last couple of years.  We sell them by the 12 ct, 24 ct, 100 ct and flat.  All come in bedding while flats come in dirt or bedding.  If you want a flat please call ahead so we can have it ready for you when you come, especially if you want the crawlers in bedding.  We also have great jumbo panfish worms.

Jeff Bolander, owner of Dewey, Catchem and How Bait Shop and Guide Post at

Reports at
Facebook page at

Jeff Bolander <[email protected]>
- Thursday, 6/30/22

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