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8/23/23 @ 9:47 AM
Dave Musch
User since 5/2/08
Cloudy 60°
Water: 74°
Submerged Vegetation
Fished with glen yesterday at mid day. Very windy conditions on this fairly large clear water lake. Caught our fish over deep sandgrass in approx.20 ft' depths. Used just jigs with crawlers and fatheads.
Vilas County Lakes photo by Walleye Only Guide Service
Vilas County Lakes photo by Walleye Only Guide Service
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8/23/23 @ 8:17 AM
User since 1/7/02
Partly Sunny 80°
Water: 70°
Spent last week fishing in the Boulder Junction/Manitowish Waters area. Below is the summary:

Walleye-  We found fish primarily in cabbage on the deeper edges in the evening. We used underspin jigs with 3.5" paddle tail trailers that they seemed to really like. Also got a few fish on slip bobbers/leeches.

Northern-  Not targeted, but found fish on deeper edges with weeds. Bass spinners, Mepps and Rapalas were the ticket.

LMB/SMB-  Largemouth were all over the place. Cabbage/wood laydowns were best. Wacky works, underspins, bass spinners, Texas rigged, jig/pig were all effective. Shallow in the morning/evening. Deep weed edges in the day. Smallies were deeper on rocks/sand/weeds/wood. Jig/trailer were best as were jerkbaits.

Crappie/gills/perch-  Deeper suspending. Found a couple for the frying pan drifting deeper areas with plastics/minnow/waxies. 

Fished a total of 16 different lakes over the course of the week. We had so much fun fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming. People are awesome and the scenery is top notch as usual!

8/23/23 @ 7:10 AM
Mike Smith
Mike Smith
PRO MEMBER User since 6/6/09
Yesterday had Conrad and his father who also named Conrad in the boat for all day of walleye fishing. Started out fishing a big lake but with the wind and rain we caught only 1 keeper and 1 short. We had to get off that lake so by10 o’clock we moved to a smaller lake and got started. First spot they were on fire we caught at least 40 walleyes of which 6 were keepers the rest were short. We fished a few more spots and only caught shorts and about 15 small mouth bass. What a day we, over 60 fish boated all caught on jig and crawler. Thanks guys you were awesome. I have a few days this month still open more in September and October for any one that wants walleyes and crappies thanks.
Vilas County Lakes photo by SleeperMike
8/22/23 @ 11:47 AM
Kurt Justice
User since 5/12/04
Following a cold morning (45 degrees), which brought about a small snap of color to the Northwoods, a few sugar maples have popped and other trees are showing a lighter shade of color.  Air temps have risen since, keeping most lake surface temps in the low 70’s.  Patterns have remained steady as anglers report fairly consistent action – be it good or bad.
Bluegill:  Very Good-Good – Active over cabbage beds of 8-12’.  A variety of lures including Mini-Mites, 1” twisters and 1/32 oz Beetle spins.  Worms and Gulp Alive grubs and leeches also effective.  Unless I missed it, should be a flying ant hatch very soon, fun for fly fishers to get a top-water bite going.
Yellow Perch:  Very Good-Good – Active in weeds, same as Gills but lower in water column.  1/2 crawlers or medium fatheads best.  Some very nice, 10-12” Perch in wood on Flowages (very low, be very careful)
Largemouth Bass:  Very Good-Good – Still best bite using Wacky Worms in cabbage flats.  Twitching stickbaits, ticking weed tops with square billed cranks and evening top-water baits (Jitterbugs, Whopper Ploppers, etc.) good fun.
Smallmouth Bass:  Very Good-Good – Rock/gravel humps and coontail edges of 14-18’ on Ned rigs and drop shot rigs using imitation craws and 3” Wacky Worms or 3” Gulp minnows.   Nice 15-20” fish this past week.
Musky:  Good – Top-water action on Dr. Evils, Whopper Ploppers, Pace Makers and bucktails worked over cabbage edges of 10-16’.  Good action, not a lot of large fish reported.
Northern Pike:  Fair – Chubs and suckers on jigs with light wire leaders.  Some good action reported using spinnerbaits.
Walleye:  Fair – Deeper mud of 20-26’ using shiver minnows on larger lakes.  On smaller bodies of water and Flowages, try #5 Shad raps and #5 Flicker Shads worked over drowned wood producing, as is red tails on weedless jigs.
Crappie:  Fair – Few reports, though some big slabs (to 15”) caught on cranks meant for Walleyes in 6-10’ wood.
A little cool down (though not as much as last week) followed by warm weather by weekend (into low 80’s) should keep fishing stable.  Watch for cool down, when it arrives, to spur bite on.
8/22/23 @ 3:21 AM
Mike Smith
Mike Smith
PRO MEMBER User since 6/6/09
Yesterday was Mike and Don in the boat, with no wind it was a tough bite. We caught are walleyes in the morning on jig and crawlers. We caught 6 keepers a 25” and 3 walleyes that were 23 3/4” and 2 shorts. But after 12 o’clock we get a bite. Thanks guys it was fun.
Vilas County Lakes photo by SleeperMike
Vilas County Lakes photo by SleeperMike
Vilas County Lakes photo by SleeperMike
8/20/23 @ 9:25 PM
User since 6/19/01
Fished a few days over the past week with pretty decent results.  Tried for crappie in the weeds that we have been on all summer, but they seemed to have moved on.  Ended up getting on a great smallmouth bite while walleye fishing.  They were hitting nightcrawlers under slip bobber in 8-12 feet with rocks.  Had some mid to upper teens fish, and a real solid 20 1/2".  We got a few walleye as well in the same area on jigs with leeches.  My wife has fished her butt off for her first musky this summer, and was finally rewarded for her efforts during the tournament this past weekend.  She got this 45 3/4" on a mini boilermaker in 8 feet of water.  I held it for the picture since she doesn't have any confidence handling a fish that size.
Vilas County Lakes photo by MattP
Vilas County Lakes photo by MattP
8/20/23 @ 6:33 PM
Mike Smith
Mike Smith
PRO MEMBER User since 6/6/09
Was a 2nd day with John and Mark on the big lake looking for big walleyes. Started out slow, fishing two spots had no fish but got 2 on the 3rd spot. Then we were looking again and found a nice school in 23 fow on some bigger gravel. We got 8 walleyes there and a sucker giving us 10 walleyes 1 was a keeper 2 were over 24” and the biggest was 25”. Good day guys awesome again thanks.
Vilas County Lakes photo by SleeperMike
Vilas County Lakes photo by SleeperMike
Vilas County Lakes photo by SleeperMike
8/19/23 @ 4:01 PM
Mike Smith
Mike Smith
PRO MEMBER User since 6/6/09
Today was big walleyes on a big deep lake with John and Mark. We caught 18 walleyes of which 3 were keepers 2 shorts and 13 over 20”. The biggest one was 29 1/4 and 5 were over the 24”. Was an awesome day guys and we were in 20 to 26 fow on gravel bars and drop off. Jig and crawlers is what worked for us. I still have days open in August September and October.
Vilas County Lakes photo by SleeperMike
Vilas County Lakes photo by SleeperMike
Vilas County Lakes photo by SleeperMike
8/18/23 @ 12:39 PM
Jeff Bolander
Jeff Bolander
User since 8/25/13
Fisherpeople are still doing well here in the northwoods.  The weather continues to cooperate and it looks to be continuing that way for the near future.  I find it hard to believe that it's the middle of August already.  Where did this summer go?  Weed growth is pretty normal right now and water temps are in the mid 70' almost everywhere.  The water level in the Rainbow and Willow flowages are down 10 and 8 feet respectively.  Put this website in your favorites for up to date info on the flowages water levels http://www.wvic.com/WaterReports/Water_Level_Report.cfm

As far as the fishing goes not much has changed lately which in this case is good.  Walleye are active in 20-25 fow, Small mouth and large mouth bass are on fire in their usual haunts, perch are in the muds, gills are also in deeper water and the really good news is that the crappie are active in deep water or in the deep sand grass.  

Leeches are done for the season.  I know, a sad day for many.  But there are alternatives.  One really good one is the leech plastic by Gitzit.  Very unique shape that allows the bait to float up and down like a real leech on jig being retrieved or even on a slip bobber.  Those of you that have used their paddle tails and tubs in the past know how soft and full of scent they are and how well they work.

I know some guys think that fishing with a Garmin Livescope unit should be banned, and it's usually the ones that don't have them, but using one doesn't preclude someone from throwing fish back.  And, conversely to what the naysayers think, the fish do not jump into the boat as soon as you put the transducer in the water!  My wife and I went fishing for a couple of hours the other day (pretty rare in itself) and found some crappies using the Livescope.  But the schools of crappies did not contain hungry fish.  The fish we caught were chasing minnows in the grass in 20 fow.  The Livescope didn't show them.  We kept 10 of them, as we didn't have anything in the freeze at the time, and threw the rest back.  Yes, the Livescope helped but we still had to figure out the MO of the feeding fish.  My buddy Lyle, who just purchased a Livescope setup through us, echoed the only complaint I here from guys who have one.  "It sure is frustrating to see all those fish down there ignoring us!"

The lakes are starting to empty out a little with school starting in some areas so now is the perfect time to hit the water and make some memories.  Take the kids out, find a deep weed edge and enjoy the smiles.
We got a big WAREHOUSE WINTER PRE-SEASON SALE going on now.  If you're thinking about a new Auger, Shelter, Flip-Over, Hub, clothing and/or any type of electronics, now may be the best time to buy them. Most items are at cost or below.  See the web site for details.  The sale is limited to items in stock, in-store or on the website.  No special orders.  Blackfish gear is still 20% off right now.

Right now for live bait we have Jumbo Crawlers, Small crawlers, Panfish Worms, Wax worms, Crappie Minnows, Regular Fatheads, XL Fatheads, Dace, Blacktails, Redtails, Walleye Suckers, Medium and Large Musky Suckers.  LEECHES ARE DONE FOR THE SEASON.

Our normal weekly hours are:
Monday thru Thursday from 5am to 7pm
Friday from 5am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 5am to 6pm

Let's squelch a few rumors.  The shop is for sale.  Business is great but Linda and I are ready to retire.  WE ARE NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!  If you have an interest in owning and operating the largest non-franchised bait shop in Wisconsin, call our Realtor, Eric Johnson, at 715-892-1234 or call Jeff at 715-892-2751.

Jeff Bolander, owner of Dewey, Catchem and How Bait Shop and Guide Post at www.DeweyCatchemAndHow.com
Facebook page at facebook.com/DeweyCatchemAndHowThursday


8/17/23 @ 6:56 PM
John Andrew
User since 8/10/09

This man helps all people.
My hat goes off to this man.
His 3 daughters had the time of there lives catching many fish.
Despite the rain showers of this morning, (where we were localy fishing) all had a fantastic time as there smiles say it all.
All fish caught (as said the past several days) in the deep wood and weed locations.
Live bait and plastics are working.
Water temp in the mid 70’s where we were.
 No openings in August, some openings in September and October.
As always, stay positive think clearly, do not listen to negative talk and do not listen to negative people.
God Bless John Andrew

Vilas County Lakes photo by John Andrew
Vilas County Lakes photo by John Andrew
Displaying 51 to 60 of 17,839 posts

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