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Women & Fishing

Some articles specifically for women by women.
Fishing alone sometimes offers opportunities that don't present themselves while you're fishing with your friends. Now don't get me wrong, fishing is definitely better when shared with a friend, but sometimes silence is golden. Yesterday I fished with one of my friends and today I fished alone. Every now and then we need some quiet, quality time to ourselves to reflect. Let me explain why fishing alone today, is a prime example of a golden moment. Envision this, if you will, and you'll get a... read more
This year, during the 2007 spring turkey season, we tried to get tags for the first weekend of the hunting season. I guess the demand for the zone we applied for was too high and my husband, Mike, and I were not one of the lucky ones to receive tags. In a way it was a blessing in disguise as some of you may know that we had cold, windy and snowy weather that weekend, with some places getting 7-8 inches of snow. For a short time I thought that this year we were going to miss the spring hunt. ... read more
Spring weather not only brings good fishing, but as it approaches I have to fight the urge to hit the lake. As a woman, and like many women, we have to balance our work and family and manage multiple roles. Being a mom and a wife can be challenging but rewarding. When our children are young we have to perform a juggling act between our busy and hectic days and often find less time to do something for ourselves, but we come to accept this lifestyle and we work at a faster pace and become more eff... read more
---> Some of my earliest memories were of going camping with my family - all eight of us - for a week once a year. Those weeks were great, but I seem to remember that they involved a ton of work for my mother and, what seemed to a young girl, an endless string of chores. Due to divorce, I became a single mom of two young children. At that time, I decided I didn't want them to miss the times that were the most special to me as I grew up simply because I was on my own. When the kids we... read more
Hunting is my Passion
by Nancy Schraufnagel
From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a hunter. My Dad and my brother Ron (who aren’t with me today) were very active hunters. I always wanted to go with them, but Dad said, that is no place for a little girl to be, so I always had to stay home. I was always proud, when they would come home, with 2 or more deer tied to the truck. My Dad would say, (that was a successful hunt. Meat on the table, and no one got hurt. So, now starts another time for me. In 1985, when I met Ca... read more
Springtime Bass Fishing
by Patricia Strutz
Springtime bass angling is the perfect way to turn new anglers or your kids on to fishing. You will all enjoy their terrific fighting tendencies and the sheer number of bass that are available in the spring adds up to great fun. I believe our Northwoods bass fishery is one of our best kept secrets. Growth rates here are average to above average. In many regards our smallmouth fishery is virtually untapped. Everybody knows the Northwoods for walleye and musky fishing but our bass have ex... read more
Want to put some tasty walleyes on your dinner table? Vilas county guides share some insights with us… In early spring you have a great shot fishing for walleyes because they are so accessible. If there is late ice out the fish stay very shallow for two to three weeks after the spawning process. They may still be in only 3-4' of water. The best time to fish in early spring is either during the very warmest part of the day or at night. During the daylight hours the warming water temper... read more
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