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Welcome to Pro Pointers brought to you by Frabill. Here you will find some great advice by the pros to help make your time on the water more productive and educate you so you can get the best angling products for your money.

Freshwater - HANDLING LIVE BAIT by Terry Tuma
Your Live Bait Needs Some T.L.C. Good live bait doesn't come cheap, so it's a waste of time and money not to protect your investment. Here are some handy guidelines that I have found to keep my minnows in tip-top fish catching condition. Don't overcrowd your bait bucketunless you supply extra oxygen with a portable aerator. An aerator is the best investment you can make to save bait and sustain a large volume of bait. If using an oxygen d...
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Fresh & Saltwater - LANDING NETS by Terry Tuma
Choosing the right landing net can make a big difference to both the angler and the fish. Not all nets perform the same nor are they suitable for every type of angling style. Major differences exist. Here's a quick guide to choosing the proper net to match different angling styles. Choosing the Right Net Size Too often, fishermen try to make one style of net work for every application. Choose a net size that matches the typical size fish you...
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Freshwater - TRAPPING LIVE BAIT by Bob Jensen
Torpedo and rectangular bait traps are the two most popular styles. Torpedo is preferred in areas with current and rectangular for calm water or around underwater structures such as rocks, stumps or pier footings. Both traps may be used interchangeably. Setting and Baiting: The key to trap-setting success is proper positioning and attractive baitfish bait. Begin with a hand line that is long enough and strong enough to secure the trap in t...
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Freshwater - WORM CARE & STORAGE by Jim McDonnell
Proper care of you worms and leeches can save time and money. With the right equipment you can catch, keep and even breed your own bait. Frabill supplies anglers with all the tools needed to maintain healthy and lively worms and leeches. Containers:To store caught or bought worms, use Frabill's Habitat Bait Boxes. These containers are constructed of heavy duty foam to maintain cool temperatures (Frabill recommends 40 to 60 degrees) essential ...
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Purchasing an Ice Shelter by Scott Glorvigen
With all the various shelters on the market, it's down-right confusing when you're purchasing an ice shelter. Here are few tips to make your purchase a success: Personal Mobility Preferences - Sit and Stay:If you like to generally set up base in one spot and hit outlying areas with tip-ups you will want to look at the Frabill Speed Shaks or Venture. These shelters are big and roomy and allow you to fish with a group of buddies or children. If...
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Tip-Up Rigging by Larry Smith
Tip-Ups are one of the most popular and effective ways to ice fish. They will catch a variety of fish provided the angler knows how to rig them for maximum effectiveness. The Line Monofilaments are not well suited for this type of fishing. Spool up with a quality braided line or one of the special coated lines designed for tip-ups. A 30-40lb test line is adequate. These lines handle easier in cold weather and are less prone to tan...
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Larry Smith's Insight To Ice Fishing by Larry Smith
Frabill Pro Staffer Larry Smith, shares some insight on the sport of ice fishing. Try some of these tips and tactics, they may help you put more fish in the ole ice bucket. The popularity of ice fishing continues to draw more fishermen to the hard water. The reason is simple. Fishing can be as good, if not better than during the open water period. Fish have a tendency to group up more during the winter months giving the angler a better chance ...
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Minnow Buckets... Tools Of The Trade by Bob Jensen
As fishermen most of us own a minnow bucket or two. They're not glamorous and we probably don't brag to our fellow fishing buddies when we buy a new one. Fact is, most fishermen look at a minnow bucket as a basic necessity with little regard for what an important tool it is. As fishing styles become more specialized, so have the options and styles of bait containers. Not all buckets are created equal and differences do exist in design and functio...
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The Real Scoop On Landing Nets by Terry Tuma
The proper landing net can be a valuable angling accessory but choosing the right net for the job at hand can be confusing. As fishing has become more specialized so has the choice in landing nets. major performance differences exist in net styles, components and specialized applications. Here is a quick reference guide to help you make the right net selection. Hoop Styles And Sizes Most nets come in one of three basic shapes. Either ...
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Budget Cutting Live Bait - Capture The Savings by Ron Barefield
"It seems the cost of everything is going up, including live bait. The average angler spends over $150 a year on live bait. If you're a real hard core, you could be shelling out ten times that! The most expensive is usually baitfish, crawfish and specialty baits like suckers, pinfish, or other exotics that local fish species prefer. They don't come cheap. It may be time to check into collecting your own live bait. It's easy, it's fun and it does...
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