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Recent Additions:

Northern Pike caught by Jon Rauch
Jon Rauch
Northern Pike
33 inches
10 lbs 0 ozs
Northern Pike caught by Charlie/Caleb Payne/Mitchell
Charlie/Caleb Payne/Mitchell
Northern Pike
29 inches
Brown Trout caught by P.F. Worthless
P.F. Worthless
Brown Trout
Smallmouth Bass caught by rich myers
rich myers
Smallmouth Bass
18 inches
Carp caught by aaron isaacson
aaron isaacson
12 inches
1 lbs 6 ozs
Largemouth Bass caught by holley isaacson
holley isaacson
Largemouth Bass
17 inches
3 lbs 2 ozs
Northern Pike caught by Chris Bolton
Chris Bolton
Northern Pike
37 inches
15 lbs 1 ozs
Walleye caught by Scott Hudson
Scott Hudson
24 inches
Northern Pike caught by Gus Dimopoulos
Gus Dimopoulos
Northern Pike
26 inches
Muskellunge (Muskie) caught by Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown
Muskellunge (Muskie)
44 inches
 caught by Ron Ragan
Ron Ragan
 caught by Ron Ragan
Ron Ragan
Bluegill caught by Bill Schwartski
Bill Schwartski
8 inches
10 lbs 0 ozs
 caught by Andrew LAlasz
Andrew LAlasz

21 inches
6 lbs 3 ozs
Northern Pike caught by Andrew Lalasz
Andrew Lalasz
Northern Pike
Largemouth Bass caught by Tony Leovan
Tony Leovan
Largemouth Bass
17 inches
Northern Pike caught by kyle Morrison
kyle Morrison
Northern Pike
Northern Pike caught by Andrew Lalasz
Andrew Lalasz
Northern Pike
32 inches
Muskellunge (Muskie) caught by Henry Smith
Henry Smith
Muskellunge (Muskie)
48 inches
32 lbs 8 ozs
Smallmouth Bass caught by Carson Knapp
Carson Knapp
Smallmouth Bass
17 inches
3 lbs 0 ozs
Largemouth Bass caught by Carson Knapp
Carson Knapp
Largemouth Bass
20 inches
5 lbs 0 ozs
Lake Trout caught by Mike Leverenz
Mike Leverenz
Lake Trout
Largemouth Bass caught by Austin Bagge
Austin Bagge
Largemouth Bass
21 inches
5 lbs 4 ozs
Black Crappie caught by Drew Williams
Drew Williams
Black Crappie
1 lbs 7 ozs
Walleye caught by Samuel Setterlund
Samuel Setterlund
27 inches
 caught by allan barnett
allan barnett
Black Crappie caught by Tyler Faldet
Tyler Faldet
Black Crappie
Yellow Perch caught by Jan Berra
Jan Berra
Yellow Perch
14 inches
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