Black Bullhead

Black Bullhead
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Black Bullhead
Ameiurus Melas
catfish, black catfish, yellow belly bullhead, horned pout; French: barbotte noire
Dorsal region of head, back, and upper sides olive to black; sides lighter; belly whitish to yellowish, with color usually extending up to base of caudal fin as a pale bar. Barbels black or gray. All fins dusk]½ with dark edges and black interradial membranes. Breeding male black with bright yellow or white belly.
Black Bullhead
Black Bullhead
Black Bullhead
Black Bullhead
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It is also the most tolerant of agricultural siltation, industrial and domestic polutants, and warm water.
The spawning of the black bullhead usually occurs from April through June, but ripe females have been taken at Wisconsin's latitude as late as early August (Forney 1955). When the water temperature reaches 21øC (69.8øF), saucer-shaped nests 15-36 cm (6-14 in) diam are constructed in the mud or sand in water 0.6-1.2 m (2-4 ft) deep. The nests are built beneath matted vegetation, woody debris, or overhanging banks, or in muskrat burrows. The female constructs the nest

State Black Bullhead Records:

  • Illinois State Record:
    5 lbs 6 ozs caught by Justin White caught on Strip Mine on April 24, 1988.
  • Michigan State Record:
    3 lbs 7 ozs caught by Louie Keller caught on Magician Lake, Cass County.
  • Minnesota State Record:
    3 lbs 13 ozs caught on Reno, Pope County on June 8, 1997.
  • Wisconsin State Record:
    5 lbs 8 ozs caught on Big Falls Flowage, Rusk County on September 2, 1989.