Lawrence Van Veghel's Articles

February 2009

9 Hot February Panfish Waters
by Lawrence Van Veghel
Panfishing is piscatorial pleasure, and this outstanding pastime presents us with great-tasting, low cholesterol fish dinners. Petite February teases anglers with the possibilities of productive panfishing. Here are nine Wisconsin waters rivaling any panfish producing pond in our state. WINNEBAGO Perch are the anglers' prized panfish in Winnebago County's 137,708 acre and 21 foot deep Lak... more

July 2003

Jewels of the Dog Days
by Lawrence Van Veghel
The "Dog Days of Summer" often make it seem like the fish left Wisconsin's waters. Actually, July can be a fantastic fishing month. It's also good for other outdoor activities, such as swimming, diving, hiking, skiing, picnicking, birding, and much more. I get another year older, but I can't stop that. I guess I'll just go fishing. For my outings, I refer to the same collection of reports I... more

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