Steve Sams's Articles

June 2005

Selecting A Guide
by Steve Sams
On one of those cold December nights, while playing sheepshead with the boys the discussion of fishing came up. When you were younger you dug your own worms, used whatever tackle you could find, and happily spent the day fishing on your favorite body of water whenever you wanted. Back then it was fun but know with families and jobs our time on the water is limited. Just imagine the time it would t... more

May 2005

Bobber Fishing
by Steve Sams
For many of us this was our first method of fishing. Today with all the different kinds of lures, jigs, and spinners available, bobber fishing has been side stepped. Personally, I still find this method to be the most enjoyable and productive way to fish for panfish, bass and muskies. A good idea for panfish and bass would be to use an ultra lite combo with a #8 hook, split shot placed 12 in... more

March 2005

Spring Walleye Fishing
by Steve Sams
In a well worn ritual, March is often the first month of the year in which Midwestern anglers shuck off their icy cocoons, dust off the spinning tackle and head out to do their first open water fishing of the coming season. With the majority of game fish seasons closed, their targets are river systems where lethargic walleyes have felt the river water temperature warm incrementally, rise quickly ... more

May 2004

Spring Fever
by Steve Sams
After a long hard winter the sound of song birds and the sight of open water trigger walleye fever in most of us. This is the best time too fill the live well with undoubtedly the finest tasting fish the state has to offer. During the course of a season, situations occur that create peak angling opportunities, and are defined by intense action in easily identified areas. Unfortunately these per... more

August 2001

Scouting For Deer
by Steve Sams
This time of year, it is easy to think about nothing but fishing. But with hunting not too far off, some thought should be given to scouting. Scouting plays perhaps the most critical role in your deer hunt. A few hours spent in the field before the season can make all the difference when the season starts. There are 3 types of scouting: pre-season, during season and after season. Now is the time t... more

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