I’m a sheboyganite by birth, but active duty Military  (Army Targeting Technician-131A) for 16 years. So with constant traveling, making it home is a rarity. Finally! I am making the long awaited trip up to recently passed Uncle’s old cabin in Eagle River.

It’s been a long time and I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone would be willing or kind enough to DM me some info, I’d like to hunt down some walleye or some quality perch/panfish. I’m willing to travel a bit if the opportunity for success is worth it. 

I’m hoping to be pointed in the right direction or what to be using as my time is limited to 3 days starting the 27th. I’m hitting ground, stopping by my ma’s house to grab the old auger and tip ups, and taking off! 

Otherwise, thanks for hearing me out! Merry Christmas!