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9/18/18 @ 9:17 AM
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Has anyone ever caught a walleye out of the Merton mill pond I know they are in the bark but I have no clue if they would come into the pond. I have accidentally cast net crappie before but that about it for good eating fish and even then the crappie was 2 inches at most.

9/14/18 @ 9:19 AM
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I love the merton mill pond its my fishing hole. My biggest is a 32 inch northern pike on a live bluegill. I love to use swim baits on jigs that produces some good pike. I lost a northern that I have named snake cause he was at least 38 if not more he was huge. Good luck out their and leave so reports cause not a lot of people do for the mill pond but it really is an under rated fishing hole.

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9/14/18 @ 9:14 AM
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Good luck.   CARPIO 

9/14/18 @ 8:49 AM
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Fishing the Merton Millpond 26, which is part of the BARK RIVER. The Pond above the DAM in Merton, WI., is called Merton Millpond 26. Anyways, my Dad started me fishing here as young as I can remember, and know that I'm 48 years old, I'm still fishing here. Spring and Fall seem to be the best fishing for Northern Pike. This year, I haven't caught too many over 27 inches, but last year (2017), I caught at least 10 Pike over 27 inches, and a 34 inch/ 8.5lb. was the biggest one caught, but a bigger Pike than 34 inches, grabbed my Orange Spoon and just snapped my 12lb. Line, like nothing. I guess that I had my Drag set too tight on my fishing real. I'm going to go out and try it today for a few hours (09/14/2018), and I'll let you guy's know what I catch. There's also Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, and big, big, Panfish below the DAM. 2 weeks ago I was here, and I casted my BASS-O-RINO, White and Red color, into the Dam, and a BIG BASS grabbed it, jumped about 3-4 ft. out of the Water, and somehow spit out the hook. For the last few years, I only use artificial Bait's, but my Dad always had us kids, using big Suckers and a bobber. When the Old Man had the Bait Shop Open. The old man always had good/lively minnows, but pricey, and he would count every single minnow that he gave us. If we were lucky, the Old man would give us 1 extra minnow. Well, I gotta get out on the Millpond, and see if the BIG PIKE are biting today.

12/1/17 @ 12:34 AM
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There's plenty of lakes nearby. Let the rivers flow free and fish migrate. Most of those old mill ponds are full of carp anyway

11/30/17 @ 10:32 PM
User since 4/2/02

Thanks for the info guys. I'll have to drive by it sometime when I'm in the area. Great memories of that place. Kind of sad to hear this as I think back to the times at the Cushman Dam. But, personally, I like streams and rivers to run as they should when possible, so I'm all for returning things to normal when it makes sense. 

11/30/17 @ 7:05 PM
User since 1/17/07

News Release Published: April 2, 2009 by the South Central Region Contact(s): Rob Davis, Water Management Engineer, Fitchburg: (608) 275-3316 HEBRON - The 100 year-old Cushman Dam on the Bark River in Jefferson County will be taken out later this month, the Department of Natural Resources announced today. Located about 3.5 miles north of the Village of Hebron, the dam has "failed and (is) hazardous to the public," noted DNR water management engineer Rob Davis, Fitchburg. The dam's owner, William Cushman, Jefferson, requested DNR assistance and has been working with the agency in taking out the dam. A public hearing to discuss its removal was held at the Hebron Town Hall in October, 2008. "Removing the dam will open-up about five miles of the Bark River running upstream to the Rome Dam, facilitate fish movement upstream and downstream, and improve water quality along the (opened) stretch," added Mr. Davis. Work is expected to begin in mid-April, weather permitting.

Notice the date!

11/30/17 @ 8:09 AM
User since 3/3/17

Cushman is the name of the farmer near where the dam was. When we had heavy rains around 2010ish, the dam broke and resulted in it being torn down. Its a good spot to get out with a canoe or kayak, but lately the guy next to it has been not so nice about people being there

11/29/17 @ 7:24 PM
User since 3/17/06

Checked it out on google earth. The dam in Cushman is indeed gone

11/29/17 @ 4:53 PM
User since 4/2/02

Sounds like there are two ponds being discussed. Rome Pond was always one where people fished in the town of Rome.....but I don't know the current status as far as the fish in there, but it's still there. Was just past it last week.

Cushman Pond was kind of off the beaten track and when I used to go there ten plus years ago, I would put $1 in a mailbox and park on private land. Super nice lady that would let people on what I presume was her land. Then, I could access the dam area and fish below or above, launch a boat etc..

I haven't been there since. If there is no longer a dam, that is news to me. 

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