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Ohio stocks 30 million fish annually - including walleye, catfish, saugeye, bass, trout and muskie - to 7,000 miles of waterways. The state is known for producing monster smallmouth bass and healthly populations of crappie. Popular game fish species include catfish, trout, sunfish, bass, warmouth, perch, gar, pike stripers, bowfin and coho salmon. A few of the top fishing spots include the Ohio River, Lake Erie and Hoover Reservoir.

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Top Viewed Lakes In Ohio

  1. Acton Lake - Butler County
  2. LaDue Reservoir - Geauga County
  3. Mosquito Lake (Mosquito Creek Reservoir) - Trumbull County
  4. Hoover Reservoir - Delaware County
  5. Indian Lake - Logan County
  6. Spencer Lake - Medina County
  7. Berlin Reservoir - Mahoning County
  8. Caesar Creek Lake - Clinton County
  9. Oxbow Lake - Defiance County
  10. Tappan Lake (Reservoir) - Harrison County
  1. Alum Creek Lake - Delaware County
  2. Springfield Lake - Summit County
  3. Mogadore Reservoir - Portage County
  4. Medina Lake - Medina County
  5. Piedmont Lake - Belmont County
  6. Salt Fork Lake - Guernsey County
  7. Kiser Lake - Champaign County
  8. Veto Lake - Washington County
  9. Seneca Lake - Guernsey County
  10. Atwood Lake - Carroll County

Top User Rated Lakes In Ohio

  1. Sippo - Stark County
  2. Deer Creek Reservoir - Stark County
  3. Clear Fork Reservoir - Morrow County
  4. Atwood Lake - Carroll County
  5. Indian Lake - Logan County
  6. Timbre Ridge Lake - Lawrence County
  7. Hammertown Lake (Jackonson City Reservoir) - Jackson County
  8. Tappan Lake (Reservoir) - Harrison County
  9. LaDue Reservoir - Geauga County
  10. C.J. Brown - Clark County
  1. Paulding Reservoir - Paulding County
  2. Rock Mill Lake - Fairfield County
  3. Wallace Lake (Cleveland Metropark) - Cuyahoga County
  4. Caesar Creek Lake - Clinton County
  5. Loramie - Auglaize County
  6. Hower (Portage Lakes) - Summit County
  7. Mosquito Lake (Mosquito Creek Reservoir) - Trumbull County
  8. Rupert - Vinton County
  9. Mogadore Reservoir - Portage County
  10. White - Pike County

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