I had a guide trip yesterday/6-20-2015 onto Piedmont Lake. My grandfather and grandson clients were a joy to spend time with.

I fish thirty Ohio lakes every year. This 2,368-acre lake is one of the most beautiful settings in Ohio to take a watercraft out on. It has a 10hp limit and 6mph limit which eliminates getting beat up by the pleasure boaters. It takes a while to get from point-A to point-B with the smaller motors. But it is worth it for the calm leisure atmosphere the lake offers. The lake is chocked full of Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Muskellunge. I think this is where the Ohio state Muskellunge was caught.


- We missed the early morning top-water bite because the clients couldn't arrive at the marina until two hours after daybreak.

- It had rained for the last week and-a-half. And it rained pretty hard 90% of our trip. But the lake wasn't muddied up like I expected.

- Both Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass were caught on medium running crankbaits. Nothing big/picture-worthy though. Several Rock Bass were caught on the drop-shot rig.

- The wind was coming out of the East. I typically do not fish during an East wind. And I disclose to my clients what an East wind will do to our opportunities for hooking up. But my clients schedule only allowed them to get out on this day. The East wind did what I expected. It shut the bite down quite-a-bit.

- I was marking bait-balls out in the open water. And I'm thinking (generally speaking) some bass out in the main lake have moved deep and are following shad when ready to eat.