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Round Lake

Lake County, Illinois
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How big is Round Lake?
Round Lake is approximately 227 sq acres (1 sq km) in size with 2 miles (3.2 km) of shoreline.
How deep is Round Lake?
Round Lake is approximately 32 feet (9.8 m) at its deepest point.
What kind of fish are in Round Lake?
Anglers can expect to find a variety of fish including Black Crappie, Bluegill, Carp, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, White Crappie, Yellow Bullhead and Yellow Perch in Round Lake.

Other fish species in the lake include and Grass Pickerel.

When are the best fishing times for Round Lake?
Today fishing looks to be moderately active with peak fishing times around 12-2 pm. For more more best fishing times visit our Round Lake Fishing Forecast page. Lake-Link Pro Members can get detailed fishing forecasts for up to 10 days in advance and species specific for Round Lake.
What are the closest cities to Round Lake?
Are there fishing guides for Round Lake?
Yes! There are fishing guides for Round Lake and/or the surrounding area. Please see the "Fishing Guides" section down a little further on this page.

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Round Lake Reviews

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james k.
Rolling Meadows, Illinois
3 star rating
Round Lake is Good for Bass And pan fish . Saw A few Northerns Caught Here and There . No Wallleyes in my opion. Crappies Are 6 to 8 inch . Not bad at all . Over all Fun To fish .
Reviewed May 9, 2008
guy m.
ROUND LAKE, Illinois
3 star rating
Round Lake delivers close to home fishing for me. This lake dose have an abundance of Largemouth Bass in the 1-5lb. range,however I've been fishing it on a weekly basis for about 15 yrs. and in that time have only seen 2 pike and didn't catch either one.Walleye are nonexistent in my opinion. If Bass & Panfish are what your after you'll enjoy this lake, as long as you don't mind HEAVY weeds & over population of Carp. This is buy no means a 5 star lake...
Reviewed Feb 21, 2004
marty n.
Round Lake Park, Illinois
5 star rating
Round Lake delivers quality fish; Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye are very challenging; there is an abundance of bluegill and perch in the lake to keep the fishing tough at times. Spring yields the best Bass and Pike, the north end of the lake before the Bass spawn can be very productive with fish in the 4-8 lb class and Northern Pike in the 38 – 45 inch range, this is the only lake I have fished where the nasty cold days can be the best days to fish, this past year in April on a cold rainy, windy and 45 degree day I managed 6 bass in the 6, 7 lb range I was working a rattle trap as fast as I could retrieve it in 5 ft of water, I was only out on the lake for 2 hours as the cold rain and wind finally drove me to go home, the summer can be fun and you can learn to use any lure you want with the drop offs open water and rock lines that are scattered throughout the lake, red black natural and purple are the best colors, white and chartreuse a close 2nd, even though Round Lake is exceptionally smaller then most lakes the fishing can be more challenging and satisfying then the rest, but beware it is considered a private lake and you will need to know someone to get on it.
Reviewed Oct 4, 2002
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