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Nielson's Channels

Lake County, Illinois
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2/1/23 @ 3:31 PM
User since 6/24/01

Herman's META page reporting 4-5" on the channel. Photo of a shelter out there. 

2/1/23 @ 7:11 AM
User since 2/20/21

Yes, 6am to 12.

I will be the one with the winning fish, found a 12foot hole in one of those channels, the fish just stacked up.

Good luck!

1/31/23 @ 3:06 PM
User since 1/16/05

Is there going to be ice for the derby?

12/23/22 @ 11:04 AM
User since 3/1/14

Ice forms 3-4 inches uncovered with snow in Zero Temp days in 24 hours

2 inches uncovered with snow in 20 degree temp day, meaning high temperature is 20.

Far too windy out to Ice Fish.  Christmas day and after through Wed next week,

Then rains are coming for 4 consecutive 40+ degree days

12/23/22 @ 9:56 AM
User since 1/16/05

OK guys, there has to be enough ice by now.  Right?

3/12/22 @ 6:24 AM
Load-eye Guy
Load-eye Guy
User since 12/9/17

Is the ice season over at this spot? If so, seemed so short. Thanks in advance. 

2/17/22 @ 11:03 AM
User since 5/22/09

I would also add that when we get a thaw and rain like last night, the water will be muddy from the runoff. Might take a few days to clear..tough bite when the water is brown

2/17/22 @ 8:13 AM
User since 5/22/09

There are fish at Nielsens all season. As the ice thickens , fish seem to be closer to the river and size of the fish goes down. It’s worth a shot, but ill be back when we get a warm spell and the ice starts to thin a bit

2/17/22 @ 6:21 AM
Load-eye Guy
Load-eye Guy
User since 12/9/17

No reports on the channel in weeks. Is it really dead, or is everyone just too busy catching and cleaning? Any info would be  appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

1/22/22 @ 2:37 AM
Last Sniff
Last Sniff
User since 1/15/22

Towerpro : the least they could of done was have a five gallon bucket filled half way and put the fish in it with a little air bubble machine so if they didn't keep the fish at least most of them wouldn't of died, and they could then check the fish before putting them back in the water and kept the ones that looked like they wouldn't make it.

But I do agree with the other person that you should of called the game Warden on those people, because they will keep doing the same thing the next time they go fishing and do another big fish kill, those are the type of fisherman that need turned in and their the one's I truly hate and should lose their fishing privileges.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 919 posts
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