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4/28/23 @ 6:59 PM
User since 5/7/18

So I live on Petenwell, there are a group of clicky guides getting paid to promote Piscifun reels on every social media report they post. And these guys post early and often…so I says to myself “ self, let’s try one of these reels”. Actually bought two ( your welcome guides). THESE REELS SUUUCK!!!! I fished them hard for two weeks and they literally ground to a halt. I had to break them both down, clean, oil and grease them        
and they still aren’t where they should be in terms of smoothness. Oh well, they got me…back to the Daiwa Ballistics.

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5/4/23 @ 6:14 PM
User since 1/8/13
Made in China!  I'm still rockin Shimano Symetre and Solstace reels from 2 decades ago and no problems.  
5/4/23 @ 4:29 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 11/5/17
Desenox.  Who says you have to close the bail with your hand?   That’s a crock!   When my baits hit the water I want them to move immediately in most cases.   I have 2 SHIMONO STRADIC reels that cost 175$ ea but the bail only closes all the way part of the time.  I used them 2x and retired them.  Nice reels otherwise.   Make me an offer?
5/4/23 @ 8:04 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14
I 100% whole heartedly agree with your post.  They aren't light, they aren't smooth,  they are nothing special.  

Who cares what a guide uses,  they are getting them free...and if it's garbage or wears out,  they get sent 20 more.
5/3/23 @ 8:20 PM
User since 10/20/05
I was a long time Ambassadeur fan until I put braid on them and started using them for pike.  I'd have to break them down after pretty much every use to get all the water out of the internals and re lube them every few outings or the clutch plates would stick.  I figured they were just getting old and worn out so I grabbed a fresh C4 5600 and it's hands down the worst reel I've ever owned.  Once I got sick of dropping money and time into that I decided to roll the dice on some Amazon specials since I need something with high line capacity and wasn't finding much at the local shops.

The first one I got was the KastKing Royale Legend II 200.  Comfortable, smooth, casts great, good drag, and the longer paddle hande on it is excellent.  I really really liked it for the first three months or so until the clutch springs started getting weak and you'd sometimes have to push the thumb bar up manually to get it to engage.  I liked it enough that I would happily buy a pack of extra springs and replace them as needed but their parts ordering system/customer service is lacking.

Since it was getting towards the end of the season and I didn't want to wait for turnaround to send it in or order parts I just ordered up a Piscifun Alijoz with the intention to fish it for a bit and if I didn't like it I'd just send it back and go for a Tranx or something.  The larger frame is not as comfortable which is to be expected I suppose, and the handle isn't as nice so I put the one off the KK on it.  Other than that I've had no complaints, and I never sent it back.  Now that it''s got a few months use on it I cracked it open tonight to see how it was looking inside.  No noticeable wear and tear or any other red flags, but there was one unexpected surprise.  It's got an old school dog ear type anti-reverse that acts as a back up in case the one way clutch bearing fails.  It's a nice feature on a reel this cheap.
5/3/23 @ 2:42 PM
User since 12/7/05
I have a handful of Daiwa spinning reels as well. Love the reels for smoothness, drag, etc. The bail springs they use are absolute GARBAGE and are a PITA to change! Doesn't matter...$25 reel or $100+ reel...the bail springs always break in a season or two and although they are always willing to send replacements for free, they are a pain to change and I shouldn't have to change them on a reel that has seen 50-75 days on the water. I am a fan of Shimano reels as well, but when you compare features, it seems like Piscifun gives you a little more for your dollar with respect to bearings, smoothness, etc. Daiwa bail springs will more than likely keep me from ever buying another one though.
5/2/23 @ 8:04 PM
User since 2/1/06
 "I told them when I opened the bail it should close as I start reeling.  They told me nope, you must close the bail by hand.  What a bunch of crap!"

Yeahhhhh...that is how you should be using your spinning reel, using the reel to close the bail is just a poor practice  with ANY spinning reel.

As for Piscifun, I have gotten a few, one lower end spinning reel, the venom, lasted 2 outings, then the drag just gave up.   The carbon X is a decent reel, no real issues, but the drag isnt as smooth as my Daiwas.  Overall, not a fan of the spinning reels.

The baitcasters though, are simple, small, light and perform very well, I really like them and have never had an issue at all with them.

5/2/23 @ 7:02 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/01
My one experience with Runcl wasn't good with their customer service.  I told them when I opened the bail it should close as I start reeling.  They told me nope, you must close the bail by hand.  What a bunch of crap!  I bought a Piscifun ice fishing reel and so far it's not bad, at least for 20 bucks.  If it lasts five or more years I'll be happy.  But NOTHING beats Shimano reels in my experience!  Some Shimano reels I have are over 30 years old and I've never greased them and they still work as good as day one! When I want a good reel for my slightly more expensive rod, I buy Shimano.  Daiwa's aren't bad, but my second favorite brand is Abu Garcia.  I still use a Cardinal reel that I won in a raffle back in 1991 for ice fishing and it works fine.  ?I'm always willing to try something new though, so that's why I've bought a Piscifun and a Runcl reel recently.
5/1/23 @ 9:17 AM
-T Fish-
User since 2/12/23
I'm one of those YouTuber guys that gets free stuff sometimes, and I've got some Piscifun reels. Overall, the Carbon X reels are the nicest ones I've been given. Other reel brands I've been given include a Plussino SE3000 (still works, but it isn't that nice), a Runcl Titan II (I broke the 2000 but still have the 4000 and I'd say they are not worth price), a Runcl baitcaster that is trash, and then the Piscifun reels.

I've only had them for a limited about of time, so I don't know how durable they are. I am currently using the Carbon X 500 for my ultralight setup, and I also used that for ice fishing. So far, it is working well. I'm not nice to my gear, so if they last, that'd be a pleasant surprise.

I also have a Piscifun Carbon X II, but that one is "clicky" even though it works. It doesn't feel smooth and it is more expensive than the Carbon X. The reels are light, and the drag is smooth... for now.  Let's see what happens after a season of use.

If Diawa would sponsor me, that'd be awesome. That is my favorite brand, and that's what I buy with my own money, but those are more expensive than Piscifun. Hands down, the spinning reels that have lasted the longest for me are Daiwa. I destroyed two Pflueger reels pretty quickly, so I'm not a fan of that brand.
4/30/23 @ 4:53 PM
User since 8/29/06
I picked up one Carbon X for a walleye jigging rod. So far so good. Landed a couple of decent flatheads on it to boot. I am a die-hard Shimano/Daiwa guy, and just wanted to give them a chance. Not expensive enough to make me regret it if it falls apart. If it does quickly, it will be replaced by a Daiwa LT series reel. I'm not spending 100+ bucks on a reel meant for 1-5 lb fish. I will spend 100+ without even blinking on salmon trolling reels. Can't pinch pennies with the abuse the reels will take.
4/30/23 @ 8:37 AM
User since 2/6/19
I don't work for any fishing industry or maker of fishing equipment.  Nor am I in the guiding or retail fields.  Just an angler who makes his own decisions on what to purchase and use.

I first bought a Piscifun Carbon X reel 4-5 years ago and liked it so much that all of my last 4 reel purchases have been various Piscifun models including one level wind ice fishing reel.

For how I use them and take care of them, they have performed and held up very well.  I believe they are a good value and for me, they have been as good as advertised.

For reference, I ice fish about 30 days each winter and open water fish about 50 days per year.  I'm sure I don't put them through the ringer that "every day" anglers do.  Just my honest and unbiased experience.
4/30/23 @ 6:46 AM
User since 5/7/18
Master Piker,

I bought two Carbon X reels.
4/29/23 @ 11:10 PM
User since 12/7/05
Out of curiosity, which models did you buy? I only have experience with their upper end models (Carbon-X and I may have a Viper?) and they have held up well for the money. I clean and lube all of my reels every year, so that doesn't bother me. I look at it like an oil change in your car...in order to keep it running smoothly, you have to change the oil periodically. I would assume that their lower-end reels aren't built as well as their upper end ones and are probably geared toward the weekend warrior crowd? I fish quite a bit, but am by no means a serious tournament angler or guide. I have never been one to spend $300 on a rod and $200 on a reel. I have fished with high end rods and reels that buddies have had and once you hit a certain point, I cannot tell the difference so I'm not going to waste the money on something that won't give me more confidence or put more fish in my boat. To each their own, but they have held up fine for me. Maybe that would be different if I didn't do any maintenance on them and just ran them to death...?
4/29/23 @ 7:27 PM
User since 5/19/20
It’s quite amusing to say the least. It’s no secret PISCIFUN is the new “Shakespeare or kastking” trash. Lowest bidder garbage made in China at the lowest of cost with the Lowest of quality. They tried like two years ago to bring on all the salmon guides by giving them all free gear and after about 3 weeks not one of those guides kept using it. Why? I quote “the insides literally melted on a salmon run.”

Their marketing scheme is to canvas the entire castle and pete with the loudest mouths on the waterway. Some of the most respected guides are now getting trashed all over socials because they accepted a trash bag offer thinking it will make them more relevant but not recognizing that PISCIFUN makes ZEROOO products that can compete with Daiwa mid range, Shimano a mid range, or Okuma mid range. Sure it looks cool, but that’s straight up for kids smashing 13” bass in ponds. 

You ever wonder why PISCIFUN has been banned from every single sports show, expo, and fishing platform event? You ever wonder why the only guys promoting it are pro staff? Icing on the cake….. Oh and their fearless leader just got his ass laughed out of the Bass tourney on Winnebago where he bragged himself up huge as a top contender ??

In the end, it’s comical watching all them puppet for something they know damn well they’d never touch without it being a pro staff BS marketing scheme. Funny how the first time j mata went out it was “the greatest reel he’s ever touched in his life.” Aftco is watching, and laughing my friend. 
4/29/23 @ 4:19 PM
User since 12/20/12
I have numerous reels both spinning and bait casting.  Never a problem.  Some 4+ years old
4/29/23 @ 10:27 AM
User since 5/7/18
Same old story, you get what you pay for. I never seem to learn…
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