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4/19/22 @ 7:04 AM
User since 10/25/16

Been poking around, and haven't seen an official spot to post new species you caught in your lifetime, so let's post those fish catches here.  

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4/16/24 @ 7:12 AM
-T Fish-
User since 2/12/23
The last one from Alabama that I added to my list was ​a Sheepshead. Not ​a Freshwater Drum Sheepshead, the salty sheepshead with the black and white stripes. ​My kids all landed a pompano, but I sadly, did not.

4/10/24 @ 7:03 AM
-T Fish-
User since 2/12/23
More to add to the lifelist. All from Alabama when we ​drove down for spring break. All caught from shore. ​Species 85 American White Perch. 86 Atlantic Stingray. 87 Spot Croaker. 88 Southern Whiting. 89 Atlantic Croaker. 90 Gulf Kingfish.

12/12/23 @ 8:02 AM
-T Fish-
User since 2/12/23
Three more to the lifelist on the Florida Trip. All with a Sabiki Rig off a bridge in ​the Indian River in Florida.

12/5/23 @ 8:11 AM
-T Fish-
User since 2/12/23
Mayan Cichlid - Lifer 77 - Caught with a little spoiler shad in a pond in Florida when I was on vacation in Florida. I was told there were tilapia in this pond, but this is what was biting. Pretty fish. It's invasive though, but I guess they've been around for decades in Florida now.

11/28/23 @ 8:07 AM
-T Fish-
User since 2/12/23
BLUNTNOSE MINNOW - My 61st. Wasn't initially going for these. I was after mottled sculpin, which are native and kind of look like a round goby. They weren't biting or weren't at the spots we tried. Creek chubs were, as always. ​I was with the state record holder for the catch and release channel catfish. He found ​a pool with a bunch of minnows, and ​let me use his microfishing setup. I ended catching one of those minnows.

11/14/23 @ 5:24 PM
-T Fish-
User since 2/12/23
WHITE PERCH - my 60th fish in Wisconsin, and the 78th I've caught in my lifetime. Caught it in Port Washington Harbor with a Sabiki Rig. After I landed this guy, I fished for salmon and caught one of those, too!

7/29/23 @ 6:31 PM
-T Fish-
User since 2/12/23
NORTHERN HOGSUCKER - Lifer 77 - Finally caught one after many failed attempts. I went to the Bark River, just south of I94 and floated around that section looking for them. When I saw a few, I sighted fished for them and finally caught one. I caught three other fish species on my float down the river, too. It was a great day on the water.

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