Turkey Hunting

2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting

1/5/24 @ 10:26 AM
Jesse Quale
Jesse Quale
User since 1/25/09

Now Booking 2024 Wisconsin spring turkey hunt’s in zone 1,3

All other authorities (bonus tag’s) go on sale march 1st @ 10am

Let’s go hunting!

2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by greenwaterwalleye
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by greenwaterwalleye
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by greenwaterwalleye
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5/27/24 @ 5:57 PM
Moon River
PRO MEMBER User since 12/8/22
Congratulations!! Our group went 3 / 6 after last year 6/6 before noon on opening! Still had a great time!
5/27/24 @ 5:29 PM
uncle big sky
PRO MEMBER User since 12/10/22
Finally was able to tag my second Tom this year. Memorial Day bird went just under 20lbs. 9in. Beard but a real limbhanger with inch and a half spurs. Marionette Cty
5/20/24 @ 6:55 AM
User since 1/19/02
zone 2 sheboygan co: Period E

After a uneventful Wednesday evening hunt I got out earlier thursday afternoon with dark clouds looming on the western horizon I wasn't sure if id have a long hunt or not, excited to try a new property I headed out anyways and made my way down the field line to a rise in the field and wouldn't you know it when i crested the slight rise in the field I focused my attention on the large male turkey standing right were I was planning to set up. I quickly ducked down and laid prone in the ditch he didn't run off so I hunkered in and started calling hoping maybe he would come up the field line for a shot but he ended up dissapearing. laid in the grass as the storm rolled in and got soaked I made it to my knees and glassed the field and had another tom come out and strut during the downpour but he had 3 hens with him and was not budging. Not wanting to spook them more i backed out and went to another farm and sat for cpl hours before i heard a banging sound and the ubiquitous hum of the farmers skid steer coming down to pick up down trees. so i headed home. Got back out early Friday AM to first spot and was met with dense fog  at some points I couldn't even see my decoys at 25 yds. faint gobbles and not for very long on the roost and the knee high grass making seeing birds other then their heads had me second guessing my set, as the sun rose the haze and fog lifted eventually  by 9am or so. I was nodding in and out of consciousness. as i came to and began to focus with the warm sun bathing me I see movement to my left and its a hen pecking around the field , ok cool its a start a few minutes later i let out series of light calls purrs clucks and little yelps of the such. I turn and look forward and theres a red head looking at me from the tall grass 20yds eeeekkkkkkkk! i slowly raise my trusty 870 loaded with #5 winchester lonbeard xr i settle my sights and focus theres 3 more red heads not being able to see bodies just heads it was a 50 50 chance of jake or tom i was assuming jake though as there was 4 of them together, planning on scrubbing turkey hunting for the weekend to head to the wolf for mighty whities i wasnt picky. I poped the safety and POW! flop flop flop  shortbeard down! great hunt and I was happy as heck to fill my tag with a nice bird. eneded up not going for whitebass due to the bite slowing way down per my buddy up in the area. so went home cleaned the bird ate some breakfast and was out on the big pond with a buddy before noon and back in before 3 with of limit of coho!   just a great friday!! goodhuntin all still out chasing that tom for the last hoorah! cant wait for april 2025!!

5/15/24 @ 12:09 PM
Pickled Northern Pike
Pickled Northern Pike
User since 10/19/21

Oconto County WI.   Came in on the run .  Spotted him at 45 yards and whacked him at 22!   Reminded me of wing shooting Green wing teal.  10”.   Have a tag for next Wednesday week also .  BANG 

2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by Pickled Northern Pike
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by Pickled Northern Pike
5/13/24 @ 3:13 PM
User since 7/6/04
Thanks Kona! Much appreciated!!
5/13/24 @ 12:32 PM
User since 6/20/13
MH-  That was a good spring day. Shoot a turkey in the morning and then go fishing.

Tito- Congrats on doubling up. Have never had 2 tags for the same period/zone in my pocket. Great day for you!!! 
5/13/24 @ 7:00 AM
User since 3/25/06
Was able to get out on Thursday for 4th season tag I had. Couldn't go early due to wife's work schedule. Got the kids to school and drove out there. Got there at 8:07 am. Made a stalk on 3 toms I saw out in one of the fields. The biggest Tom didn't like my strutted decoy and came on a dead run from 100 yards. Shot him at 7 yards. Was walking back to truck at 8:26.

10 inch beard
1 1/8 inch spurs

So drove back home, hooked up the boat and went fishing. Got a few big smallies and two ​14 inch crappies.

Pretty awesome day!
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by MightyHunter
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by MightyHunter
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by MightyHunter
5/11/24 @ 7:07 PM
User since 7/6/04
Had two tags for period D and connected on two toms Wednesday  morning. First time this has ever happened.  Shot the first tom and the second shock gobbled behind the blind at the muzzle blast. Didn't even know he was there. He walked to his fallen partner and I took him too. Done for the season. Good luck to those hunting these last couple of weeks. 
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by Tito39
5/6/24 @ 6:30 AM
User since 1/19/02
Zone 3 waupaca co:

Hunted both saturday and yesterday mornings, have not hunted our farm for turkeys in several years so I decided I wanted to focus on hunting there and seeing if some birds are still around, and there is. Atleast 4 toms in the area but nothing super close by on the limb. 2 flew down and strutted and gobbled in adjacent field several hundred yds away most of the morning Saturday then drifted off. The wife came up with me so i promised  we'd go to new london for the city wide rummage sales so my cut off was 11am ish, naturally at about 10:30 I hear a faint gobble and look out near the rr tracks and theres a tom he walks down looks at my tom and hen decoy set and walks off away from me into the marsh. classic.Only real action for the day.
Yesterday AM decent gobbling on the roost but not for long , had 2 gobblers behind me aways but closer than sat. 1 of the toms was out in far field, and a hen filtered thru by me then crickets. Had some more time so I was planning on sticking it out for awhile just enjoying the beautiful morning I was hoping something would come thru eventually but nada until about 9am ish I hear a gobble from behind me in pine stand it gets closer and closer and closer o man here we go!!! silence Im ready and waiting! gobbbllllllleabbllllleeeee!!!!  gobbbbbbbbllleeebblllbbbebbeeeeee!!  I peek thru back blind window and I have visual red head perked up aprox 45yds on neighbors.; he sat there for awhile just over looking my 3 hen  decoy set apparently he didnt like it he just slowly drifted off to the south  gobblin. maybe hes making a loop but was getting more faint then a train came by and I figured he gone they usally run or fly away if they are close to the rr trax when the trains come by. used that as a silent exit for the hunt and packed up, to lazy and tired to hook up the polaris I humped out my blind, chair, 3 decoys, gun, and my vest/gear its bout .5mi hike back to the truck, ug!  Still glad I got out and hunted our land and enjoyed some beautiful spring time in the woods.
Take away for the weekend atleast imo there, is that the birds seemed kinda decoy and possibly somewhat call shy.

good huntin all! onto E in zone 2  

5/5/24 @ 11:12 AM
griff n
griff n
User since 6/17/11
Hunted zone 2 on some land that the DNR paid a farmer to open just for spring turkey. Didn't know what to expect. Had a great hunt,no issues with others hunters Hunted ,Wed,Fri, Sat, and harvest a Tom this morning,lots of gobbling yesterday morning, and the bird I got was roosted right behind me this morning gobbling up a storm. Very exciting hope the DNR can secure more land each year
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by griff n
5/5/24 @ 7:58 AM
Del Roy
User since 2/17/14
My son got this nice Tom Friday afternoon at 4:45. Zone 1 Juneau Co.  Perfect 41 yard shot with his 20 ga. I harvested a Tom 2 weeks ago in central Illinois, so it’s been a good season. My oldest son was the only one who didn’t get a bird, but he still had an enjoyable time in the woods after finishing up finals at college.  Now on to hopefully catching some crappie.
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by Del Roy
5/1/24 @ 5:56 PM
User since 7/6/04
Connected early this morning on a nice tom. Second bird of the season.  Still have a tag  for next week, so will give it one more go for the 2024 season. Good luck to those still at it this week!
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by Tito39
4/29/24 @ 6:37 AM
User since 1/19/02
Zone 3 Waupaca co:

Ran up fast after work Thursday, still had some daylight so grabbed my gear and off to the blind, not expecting much other than maybe a nap for the evening, I left the blind around 7 with  no sightings. They roost in the area Im in so I like to leave a bit early when hunting PM so I dont get caught in the blind til well after dark or spook them off the limb. Almost over slept Fri AM got into same blind luckily before 5 almost on cue at 5am I hear the ubiquitous whooo whoo ha who whoooooooolllll!!!   GOBBBBBBLAAAABLLLLAAAEEEEE!!!!!  after that is was non stop gobblin from atleast 3 toms down to south of me 100-200yds as the beautiful sun rose they didnt stop I could tell they were down and one was getting closer and closer due to the terrain I can hear them but don't see them until they are pretty much right in front of me. I eventually see a fan and white head pop up bout 40yds away  he looked at my jake and hen decoy out and didnt like it, he got silent and just off and on strutted for a min or two then briskly walked off to the left of me. i started calling again a little more loudly and he started gobblin and strutting again I look out the left side and he starts coming back now a bit closer on an angle still no clear shot he loops again to the right of me and stops and struts and gobbles. He then comes back to the left on that brisk walk I had a shot then and the #5's dropped um!!  it must have been 6am or a bit earlier so bout an hour hunt, what a great morning and got it done before the winds.  Heading back up for C this Friday.  Goodhuntin all!
4/28/24 @ 4:26 PM
User since 2/4/05
I had period A and hunted Wednesday morning in the rain. Got lucky and was able to walk to my blind before it started to rain. Birds did not gobble until after season was open. I was beginning to think that they were not there. Gobbled good once they started on the roost but went silent when they hit the ground. My blind is situated with a spruce planting behind me and the birds roost behind them. I am facing a foodplot and to my left is a roadway they like to use to get to the plot. On my right is a deer trail that enters the plot on the corner of the spruce. I had my decoys in front of me in the plot. I made a series of calls and just had finished calling again when I spotted the top of a fan and then the top of a blue and white head. The bird had walked from behind so close to my blind that I never saw him until he was near my decoys. I had to wait until he turned a little to check for a beard and took a 10 or 15 yard shot. I never bother weighing my birds but he had 1' spurs and a 10' beard. He was a very soggy bird.
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by Granpa
2024 Wisconsin turkey hunting photo by Granpa
4/27/24 @ 4:35 PM
User since 7/6/04
Have hunted morning and night since Wednesday.  Finally got it done this morning with a nice tom with decent hooks and an 11 inch beard. Got a couple more seasons, so will be back out next week. Good luck to those still trying to tag out this week!

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