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Where's the ammo

2/2/13 @ 2:07 PM
User since 6/27/01
Not sure who posted the first thread with just a title but... where is the ammo? If you find a supply and want to share where post below.

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5/5/22 @ 8:45 PM
Qual Fisher
User since 4/28/19

Stopped at 2 Dunhams in the Milwaukee area and they have shelves full of handgun ammo, especially 9mm.  50 count boxes (Blazer, Winchester,..) are about $24.   500 ct, Remington 22 Thunders are about $50.  There was a fairly good supply of rifle ammo but the prices are really high  (Remington Core Lock 20 ct box of 270 & 308 are $35-45)

3/26/22 @ 7:16 PM
User since 12/30/10

Cabelas in GB had 44 Magnum on 3/25 for 32.99 a box of 20 (I believe it was a 20 round box).  They had 8 boxers of the stuff.  I was looking for 357 for my son.  They did have plenty of 38 Special in steel case and Hornady Self Defense loads.  

They also had tons of 9, 556 and 7.82 x 39 - almost all Russian stuff. 

3/19/22 @ 10:48 PM
One shot one kill
User since 8/12/02

I usually bought n at 8 -9 a box . Now it's mostly super expensive self defense loads or steel cased Russian  .

3/19/22 @ 5:01 PM
User since 7/21/08

Mm - 350 legend and 300 blackout are two that I see a disproportionate amount of. 

Starting to wonder if I should have done something different then build an AR in 6.5 Grendel. Have some steel and 2 boxes of non steel so far. Cannot bring myself to pay shipping on top of the high prices.

3/19/22 @ 2:05 PM
User since 6/27/01

$7.99 bx was more then 2 years ago.

I've seen 17.00 bx recently and paid 15.00 bx when I bought a new 9mm.

I reload so shelf price means nothing to me.

3/19/22 @ 1:15 PM
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
PRO MEMBER User since 7/24/20

Everywhere if you wanna pay three times the amount for 9 mm ammo that you were paying a year and a half or two years ago. So glad I’ve been stocking up since 2008. Farm and fleet had some 9 mm for 2299 a box. They were $7.99 about a year and a half ago maybe two years now. Maybe a little longer I’m old so what do I know.

3/19/22 @ 10:55 AM
User since 6/27/01

I've seen ever increasing a.ounts of 30-06, .270 and 7mm Mag.

Lots of 350 legend ??

3/19/22 @ 9:36 AM
User since 10/3/12

Am I the only person in the world still shooting 30-30?  None of the usual stores  have stocked it in many years.  Even 30-06 while available is not well stocked.

The gun guy at one store said to me "Life isnt fair the market is ruled by 9mm, 223 and 308. "

3/18/22 @ 10:26 PM
User since 1/18/11

The online sites seem to have plenty of really reasonable (seen it as low as $16.99 for 50)  9mm, .223 ( best i’ve seen brass cased for 10.99) and .308 for about a buck a shot. Buds guns, target sports,  grab a gun etc The military calibers in stock. Go to all the websites, ask to be notified when what u want arrives- check email early and often. The really disgusting thing is they bait you with their old “Trump” price, then give you the jacked up biden deal when its available. That sucs

3/18/22 @ 7:30 PM
User since 6/27/01

1.50 / rear. OUCH

But it's available...

3/18/22 @ 12:32 PM
User since 12/14/12

Cabela's online, .270, Super X, Winchester, 150 gr. $29.99, free shipping, limit 5.

3/3/22 @ 9:56 PM
User since 6/27/01

Was at Farm and Fleet in Wauk.

12 ga 3" Steel, 16ga lead, 9mm, 5.56, 223, 350, 308, 30-06 ...


Have seen .22 at under 450 / brick, 9mm brass at $17/bx

Prices are getting more reasonable now's the time to put away a box or two especially hunting ammo. 

REMEMBER there are 2022 mid terms. my guess is the run up to them will cause another shortage.


12/31/21 @ 8:50 AM
User since 12/7/05

I was at Walmart yesterday and they had 350 Legend 150 gr Deer Season XP for $32.93/box...same stuff 3 weeks ago was $19.94! No thanks...

12/30/21 @ 11:08 PM
User since 8/29/06

Just received a 500 round order of Federal American Eagle 9mm in 115 grain today after over a year on back-order. I paid $0.28 a round.

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