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New guns.

6/6/22 @ 6:24 PM
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
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Could not find the what have you bought lately so here is another. Pretty excited. Pellet gun additions. The dan Wesson 2 1/2 in and the 347 crossman vigilante. 

New guns. photo by Bassmaster+recordracks 2
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12/27/22 @ 12:14 AM
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If you are using a slug gun, especially a 20 gauge, pick a centerfire rifle in just about any caliber and it will be an upgrade as far as accuracy and effective range go. What action you get may depend on how you hunt. If your shots are close and you do a lot of pushing/drives, a pump or semi-auto may work better for quick follow up shots. If you sit in a stand most of the time and want better accuracy and caliber selection, a bolt action will fit the bill just right. It'll offer more options and be available cheaper depending on make/model. I have 6 deer rifles chambered in .243 Win, .270 Win, .30-06 SPRG (2) and 350 Legend (2). Also have a .223 Rem and .223 Wylde which would work in a pinch, but are not ideal for larger Midwest whitetails. All but two are bolt actions. I hunt stands and am more of a "one shot" kind of guy, so shooting a bolt action does not bother me. The two that are not bolt actions are an AR in 350 Legend and a pump action .30-06 that belonged to my late grandfather.

If someone were to ask me what the best overall deer rifle would be for hunting in Wisconsin inside 200-300 yards, I would tell them to buy a bolt action rifle (probably a Savage 110) in .308 Win or .30-06. Why? Those calibers are common, readily available (.308 is a military round and always being produced) and offer a wide range of bullet weights and configurations (cup and core lead, bonded, monolithic, hollow point, ballistic tip, etc). Factory loadings can be found for both in 110 gr - 220 gr, with many falling in the 150 - 180 gr range, which are perfect for deer. Before the 6.5 Creedmoor guys start spitting BC numbers and efficiency, etc. keep in mind we are talking 200 yards and in...so bullet drop and energy at 500+ yards are irrelevant. 

As someone else already stated, the Savage 110 series is a good, accurate workhorse rifle. Topped with a good variable-powered scope (Vortex, Leupold, Redfield, etc.) you would be set for most big game anywhere in North America. Really though, a .270 Win, .243 Win, 7mm-08 and a couple other calibers would work just fine, especially if you use heavy-for-caliber bullets (140-150 gr .270, 95-100 gr .243, 140 gr+ 7mm-08, etc). A 7mm Mag, .300 Win Mag, etc. will burn more powder, punish you at the bench, create bad shooting habits (flinching) and do more damage (ie waste more meat) on game than the aforementioned calibers. The rifles and ammo will also be more expensive. You won't be able to thump your chest and brag that you shoot a whizz-bang magnum, but you'll probably be a better shot and not ruin as much meat. Again, there is no reason to seek out and buy a magnum caliber for shooting a 200 lb or less animal inside 200 yards. Zero. Now, if you move here from out west have a 7mm Mag, .300 Win Mag, etc. and don't want to buy a new rifle, then overkill away! My best advice would be to pick a rifle/caliber that you can shoot well and have confidence in, set it up right with good mounts on the optic and get familiar with how it shoots. If you sight any of the calibers I mentioned here 1.5 - 2" high at 100 yards, you can hold dead on a deer's vitals out to 200 yards, no problem. Good luck with whatever you choose!

12/26/22 @ 1:20 PM
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
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Great gun. The military 92 for many yrs in the military. Easy shooter. Still want to get my hands on a late 80s for the cabinet. 

12/25/22 @ 3:23 PM
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I picked up a Beretta 92 FS yesterday.  Can't wait to break it in.

12/3/22 @ 7:08 PM
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Picked up a 9mm Sig Sauer P320 today. Going to range tomorrow. Feels really good in hand.

12/3/22 @ 5:03 PM
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Tails, May want to stick with Savage. Good work horse guns. One of the 110 models. 308,30.06 and my go to favorite .270

12/3/22 @ 4:49 PM
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Tails look at a 308.

12/3/22 @ 11:55 AM
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Stopped at a small local gun shop for information on a gun smith..Well got the information I needed plus Christmas shopping done also.. My wife has a soft spot for Winchester 1300 .. l found a beautiful 20 gauge speed pump and a really nice Remington 770 30 06 bolt action in stainless steel for my son... I might have paid a little more for the Remington but I feel better knowing it is a small local shop and not a big box store... Shop local if you can support our local businesses..

Opinion on price for the Winchester 20 gauge? Not much information on them stopped production in 2006 I think..

Remington 770 with BSA 3x10 x44 30 06 stainless steel..I can find camo stock but nothing else..

Any thoughts 

11/29/22 @ 5:20 PM
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Tails, u need (2)

Browning automatic 7 mag w/ 3x9 scope.

Ruger 77/44 stainless w/ open sights. 5.2 lbs, 38” overall length, 4 rd rotary clip. Great option in rain/snow out to about 125 yds. 

11/27/22 @ 5:43 PM
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Looking at a new gun for Wisconsin deer hunting. Shots will range from 15 yds to 200 yds. Have always shot slug gun. Have a Savage 20 as of now. Thinking of a up grade. Thoughts and opinions?

11/23/22 @ 9:41 AM
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Before u buy that Smith, at least check out the Ruger SR-22. Had one for years and never a jam, misfire, or ftf. Frickin love it! Has three different grrips- so kids can adjust to their paws. Single or double action. Extra clips are cheap and clips have a push down follower so rounds drop in to make loading a breeze. I know Smith makes a good gun, but i swore off that brand when they copped to Clinton in the 90’s. Takedown, cleaning a breeze, unlike those old Rugers. Probably cheaper than Smith too! Thanks for feedback on Ruff rider!!!

11/22/22 @ 2:59 PM
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My daughter gave me a rough rider 22 for Christmas last year. Had fun plinking at the range. Only complaint I have it seems to not fire all the time. seems at least 1 round in the  cylinder won't go off. It is not the ammo because I tried different types. Over all a good gun for just having fun. This year for Christmas I am giving all 3 of my daughters a 22 LR semi auto Smith and Wesson. I will take a family trip to the range the day after Christmas. Just so others know my daughters are all adults and know how to handle a gun.

11/22/22 @ 1:11 PM
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Just because it was cheap $129 then get $30 rebate from Heritage, ordered a 4 inch barrel “ROUGH RIDER” off Buds guns last nite. Always wanted some type o cowboy gun and since it’s a .22 be fun and cheap to shoot. The reviews were usually pretty positive. Apparently since I used electronic check to pay mite take a little longer to get it. Thats ok saved me a few bucks doing it that way.Hickock .45 gave it his blessing. I would never put. Up the $$ for a Colt SSA, or even the clones, i am pretty much resolved to buying all military calibers now, due to ammo availability & PRICE But plenty of good old .22 LR available now.Besides the agonizing reloading (gated gun) process will keep me from shooting more than a 100 rounds or so At a time lol. Will post again when i finally get it to range.

7/18/22 @ 4:29 PM
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Has anyone seen available for sale at a dealer any of the High Power clones? Springfields SA-35 or the EAA MODEL whose # escapes me at the moment. Both been out for sometime now, not available online either that I’ve seen…Firearm stores here in Central Wi. can’t get em. Both pretty reasonably priced if dealer doesn’t jack ‘em. Would at least like to lay hands on one.

7/8/22 @ 3:27 PM
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
Bassmaster+recordracks 2
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Well I messed up. I have gen 4, 5 and a 19x. 19 x is the best. 

7/8/22 @ 10:30 AM
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Won a Browning AB3 300 Mag. Not my number 1 choice, but will look good in my gun cabinet! 

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