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3/24/08 @ 8:41 PM
User since 12/27/07
i got a tag this year for bear hunting and i amm looking for some advice. i am wondering wear i should bait on my land. the last 2 years i have had a friend and a family member hunt the same stand and both have seen bear and got them on the trail camera at the same stand. my dad thinks that i should hunt on the other side of the land which is across a fairly messy swamp. do bears really travel that far and through that much just to get food. any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks. notice the screen name. that is literally the spot that the bear have been seen and that is not a joke. the spot is called bearhill and that is the name of the road we r closest to.

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10/7/22 @ 6:43 AM
User since 1/19/02

Kyle or Dan. D   Twin Creek Outfitters, Ladysmith. Great guys and even better guides!

10/6/22 @ 8:53 PM
User since 1/17/13

Hello! I have been saving up my preference points and hope to draw a bear tag for zone A in 2024 (baits first). I contacted a few guides and heard back from one that was already booked Through 2025! Does anyone have suggestions for a reputable guide? I’m a first time bear hunter that’s been waiting for this for many years! I’d love to hear suggestions from anybody that’s got some experience in zone A!

10/6/22 @ 11:28 AM
antler junkie
User since 8/17/05

You are right B.G, bears are nothing to be afraid of. Especially the ones from Chicago.   

10/5/22 @ 5:14 PM
User since 2/23/16

Thanks you for the information..l never believed that we were at risk for any reason... Just want to know and tell my son's to enjoy what they see... thank you Sir..

10/5/22 @ 3:27 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

Huntfish - people have this romance with black bears being these man killing beasts that need to be feared. It’s just not true. They’d rather eat berries than your teenage boys. What do you do if you see one Bowhunting? Nothing. Enjoy it and take some pictures. A deer might show up a minute later. 

Deer and bears exist together in the same habitat. I have several pictures of deer walking right into a bait while a bear is there. Sure, there probably is some fawn predation but I don’t believe it’s significant.

Triplets are very common. 

You’re more likely to get attacked at the grocery store than by a bear. Shouldn’t even be on your radar as something to fear. 

10/5/22 @ 1:24 PM
User since 2/23/16

I have a few questions on bears..

I am new to hunting/ landowner in southern Price county...I have a few trail camera pictures of bears this summer and early fall.. Questions

1.. If you see one bow hunting what do you do?

2. How many Cubs do sow's have? I have one with 3 normal?

I don't know anything about bears and how they live/act when it comes to people..I have 2 teenage boys and they want to bow hunt now that we have land..

Any advice will be extremely helpful...

10/4/22 @ 8:31 PM
Steve White
User since 3/17/04

I DID NOT SAY THAT!!  Inhookem , not your fault either.  Something with the site quoting replies?  

I would say something like that about tourists seeing a 500 pounder.  

It's different in the woods. Hardest animal to judge. Even with experience.

Every legal one is a trophy of a lifetime. I don't care what anyone says about that.

10/4/22 @ 7:55 PM
User since 11/29/01

Steve White wrote " still bigger than those "300lbers everyone sees".. Yes, I have seen that too.  Many people  double the real size of the bear they shot. I have seen guys slapping their bear saying " it's a good 250- 275 when it is likely not even 150.   A little story here. My brother shot a bear and it weighed 68 lbs gutted. It was his 1st bear . I thought for sure it would go 125 lbs.  I was way off, but at least we admitted to it.  I shot my 1st bear and felt really bad. I registered it and the lady said " That is not that small of a bear, I've seen much smaller". It was 83 lbs. My 1st bear and I thought it would go 200 live.  My next bear I knew was a lot bigger. When I shot the bear , I didnt want to get too exited so I figured 150 lbs. gutted. My dad said , no way, that goes 200 . It was 6'6" head to tail rug. It was 224 lbs.  The taxidermist insisted it was a 400 lb. It got me 83 lbs of meat . 

10/4/22 @ 7:33 PM
Steve White
User since 3/17/04

TR I got to agree on that. One fat belly on a short bear with a little head. Hard to judge with our something for reference.  Without that pointed little head.

10/4/22 @ 5:59 PM
Tr carper
Tr carper
User since 6/15/15

Thats a big sow 

10/4/22 @ 5:55 PM
User since 12/1/02

Steve White, 

Estimate on weight? Boar/Sow? 

10/4/22 @ 9:19 AM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

Any reports or stories? Steve White? 

9/28/22 @ 7:37 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

At this point in the season, I think most would be happy with that bear. Nothing wrong with a 150 pounder. Still bigger than most of the “300 pounders” everyone sees. 

9/27/22 @ 8:44 PM
Steve White
User since 3/17/04

Griff , unless that stump is 5ft tall. That bear would be lucky to see 150.  What would a guy that sees thousands of pics a year know. To an expert like you!

Eyes, that is just a deer sorry. Pic is from a cub yesterday. Where momma found black/raspberry now. I have no clue.

9/27/22 @ 7:46 PM
griff n
griff n
User since 6/17/11

This one has come in 4 nights in a row, haven't heard about tonight, My buddy that has a tag has been pretty sick but plans to sit tomorrow. My brother and I are going to go up to hopefully help out tomorrow night. Zone B

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