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3/24/08 @ 8:41 PM
User since 12/27/07
i got a tag this year for bear hunting and i amm looking for some advice. i am wondering wear i should bait on my land. the last 2 years i have had a friend and a family member hunt the same stand and both have seen bear and got them on the trail camera at the same stand. my dad thinks that i should hunt on the other side of the land which is across a fairly messy swamp. do bears really travel that far and through that much just to get food. any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks. notice the screen name. that is literally the spot that the bear have been seen and that is not a joke. the spot is called bearhill and that is the name of the road we r closest to.

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6/30/22 @ 9:04 PM
User since 11/29/01

I have a kill tag in Price or Sawyer co. this year. I started baiting last week.  Should be an ok year and I am not too concerned about what I get. If I get one 150 lbs gutted, that will be fine. Next yr. my son will get one . After that it will be another 10 yrs but I will be 69 yrs. old then. I might just go to Minnesota and use a bait guide. 

6/28/22 @ 12:35 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/4/18

2 of the 4 baits I have are heavily visited by wolves. Doesn’t seem to bother the bigger bears though. Price county. 

6/28/22 @ 9:10 AM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

Anything going on out there? Steve White, your input is missed on here. 

5/4/22 @ 9:33 AM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

Steve and Ihook, I’m sure you’re probably right. After a 12 year wait for me and 13 for my buddy, we drew zone B this year. Couldn’t help ourselves and set our baits last weekend. Figure we’ve waited too long to take any shortcuts, but it is indeed early. 

5/3/22 @ 8:53 PM
User since 11/29/01

Bow guy, I have had very poor results when baiting this early. Memorial day seems to be when they really kick in . On Memorial day Weekend I will likely have a bear in the bait inside of a day.

5/2/22 @ 8:01 PM
Steve White
User since 3/17/04

Snow just melted here. Some roads still closed due to break up yet. Heck, it was snowing again 2 days ago here. People still ice fishing, and road limits yet.  Hope to get a few going over the weekend. At least coons are out. So no bait wasted. If a tad early for the bear yet.  Reminds me, I need to post about the spypoint cell cams. In my free time, lol. 

5/2/22 @ 3:34 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

Anyone started baiting yet? If so, any hits? 

4/27/22 @ 10:05 PM
User since 5/7/06

Did anybody else look at the results of the voting  for the Spring Hearings? Wow there sure is a lot of opposition growing across the state against bear hunting as it is now. Many counties had resolutions that passed to change the time for baiting and some to just a month before season. Many counties also passed a resolution to stop compensating for loss of hounds to wolves and the big resolution that passed in a lot of counties was to limit the length of time for training bear hounds. Not sure what will come of this but if the Republicans loose control of the NRB I would think some of these resolutions will definitely have a lot better chance becoming law. The liberal tree huggers and the Wolf Patrol are slowing making their presence known.

3/22/22 @ 4:46 PM
User since 10/11/15

I had two preference points.... I put in for zone F where I live... 

I pulled a tag...  I see an 8% sucsess rate for zone F...  I'm up for the challenge.. 

I'll post pictures this September.... jus you wait !

2/13/22 @ 5:36 PM
Steve White
User since 3/17/04

Cant believe tags are out already. Literally just took the last dozen cameras out of my truck from last year 2 weeks ago. Hard to imagine in just over 2 months they will be going back out again. 

Meant to post my results of using the spypoint cell cameras. Glad I waited, as further tests at the house were interesting. Once I measure a few distances. Will post about them.

Good luck to all that drew a tag this year. 


2/6/22 @ 6:37 PM
antler junkie
User since 8/17/05

These cubs have been hanging around my brothers cabin all last Summer. Look how much they have grown from Spring to Fall.

2/2/22 @ 11:20 AM
User since 10/10/17

Had 11 and went for B to no avail... hopefully in 2 years. Bummer 

2/1/22 @ 4:24 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/9/03

Thanks LTO! I had 10 and my buddy had 12. 

2/1/22 @ 4:08 PM
User since 11/15/06

Good deal Greenheads!! I had 9 points, but still showing all my points in my GoWild account.. dang! I'm in A also

2/1/22 @ 4:00 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/9/03

My buddy and me drew our zone A tags. We’re pretty pumped to go! I’m looking forward to the bear camp and north woods experience. 

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