Archery 2023 Reports

9/12/23 @ 5:33 PM
User since 1/7/02

A sign of things to come. 

Archery 2023 Reports photo by eyesman
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1/29/24 @ 7:39 AM
User since 7/17/09
Sunday pm hunt. Nice calm conditions. Slight breeze from the NE. Just enough wind to kill the hunt buzz the last 10min. Was covered in deer near closing.  They all swayed downwind and got me. 
6 Does and 2 twin 8's
The Does went into a tizzy. Tails halfcocked and running circles around me. Nothing in range other than one of the Does blitzed by me at 15 yards. Bucks held there slow steady course into the sunset. 
Fun evening. Never gets boring.
12/22/23 @ 4:14 PM
User since 11/26/01
Saw two on way in, but nothing from the stand. Only sat until 830.
12/21/23 @ 7:31 PM
User since 6/20/13
Agree with SamFox.. Some of the local communities in my area have also used sharpshooters to help manage deer herds.Why not let hunters manage the resource while also filling their freezer. Heck of a lot better than making tax payers flip the bill for managing these herds. Win-win for everybody.   

Back to hunting. I have no need for any more meat but have just sat out in the warm weather this week (no weapon) and have seen some does/little ones along with a couple small bucks. Just love to watch deer.  
12/21/23 @ 4:04 PM
User since 3/17/09
IFB,   Nice deer, good shot, glad you’re doing your part in the city you live in.  It could be like Oshkosh, bring in sharpshooters and bait, kill and remove all the deer.  Good job
12/21/23 @ 7:38 AM
User since 11/26/01
When I see people keep fish, sometimes I feel what they keep is too small and should have been released or sometimes too big and should have been released.  That's my opinion.  As long as they are legal and are comfortable with what they keep, I need to be too.  Some lakes I will keep a  9 1/2 inch crappie, others not think twice to release and let grow.  

I don't need at all to justify what I shoot (see above).  However, I am fully comfortable doing so.  This is an inner city limit bow hunt mainly on city owned properties with 30 people allowed to hunt with the intent to remove antlerless deer.  It is an earn a buck.  So far, harvest is at 46 deer.  Of those, only 5 are bucks.  The intent of the hunt is to remove antlerless deer.  I have one tag left for this area-my one and only buck tag.  I'll sit tomorrow am for a quick hunt.  Whatever I feel comfortable shooting, I will.  And I happily will post pictures and report updates.  
12/21/23 @ 7:29 AM
User since 2/8/17
I have been out twice in the last week. Seems for me most movement is nocturnal. Didn't see deer either sit but get past dark and the camera shows they are there. I think no snow and warm temps allows them just to bed until dark. Thats OK I don't need a deer just nice to still escape to the woods for some quiet time. Good luck to those still getting out. I will try again over Christmas and the Holiday hunt. Guaranteed to see a buck then. Merry Christmas.
12/21/23 @ 5:42 AM
User since 1/10/19
Almost nobody posts on here anymore, ice fish is one of the few who does and I enjoy his reports.    No doubt that fawn was the tastiest one he shot this year, i know the little one I got gun season was delicious.   Keep the reports coming ice fish.   
12/18/23 @ 6:21 AM
User since 1/19/02
Waupaca co:

Got out sat pm in the misty cloudy afternoon but felt deery, at dusk saw several deer in cut corn field across the rr tracks from me but nothing near me.  Nice to be back out though. 
12/8/23 @ 5:09 PM
Holy Crappie
Holy Crappie
User since 7/13/21
Congrats IceFishBaby!  Late season meat in the freezer is awesome.  Way to go đź‘Ťđź‘Ťđź‘Ť
12/8/23 @ 7:54 AM
User since 11/26/01
Got out after work for a full hour.  Wish time change was back to summer...  Saw a glimpse of a deer 10 minutes into my sit, then about 30 minutes later, saw one walking 60ish yards away, paralleling me, so figured not much a change.  Turned out 15 minutes later it wondered to me, got 10 yards, I drew, it stared at me facing.  Bounded a few steps, pauses (brushy), retreats a step, perfect broadside 18 yards.  Late season, happy to fill a tag.
Archery 2023 Reports photo by IceFishBaby
11/26/23 @ 10:36 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/22/01
This was my third year hunting with a crossbow. I missed a nice buck last year.  This year I shot a doe on November 5th, my first deer with a crossbow.  It was my third sit.  Saw deer each sit, but nothing came in range. I saw one buck earlier in the day that was 75 yards away so I didn't pull the trigger.  Glad I didn't.  This doe came out at last light and I thought it was about 50 yards away.  I did a measurement on Onx later and found it was 60 yards away!  Shot it in the front of the shoulder and the arrow exited through the throat.  Didn't go too far and bleed out.  Not a huge doe, but she had kicked her young ones out already and was alone, so I took her.
Archery 2023 Reports photo by Fishlovme
Archery 2023 Reports photo by Fishlovme
11/22/23 @ 12:14 PM
User since 11/26/01
Sat this morning until 9.  Nothing moving, but crisp, beautiful sit. 
11/16/23 @ 7:20 PM
User since 5/12/16
Nice deer Polski,congrats.
11/16/23 @ 6:48 PM
User since 11/26/01
Heard a barred owl, not no deer in the wind today.  Saturday and a cool down may help.
11/13/23 @ 8:43 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 5/11/03
Been bow hunting right by the house the last few weeks and not seeing anything, all the pictures on my trail cameras have been at night. Anyway, this guy came by this afternoon 5 minutes after I got in my stand. Nice 10 pointer I had on camera last week at night. He was trotting through my shooting lane and I just grunted loud by mouth and he stopped and looked for that split second. Went about 100 yards, ​crossed the road by me and died right there. About a 40 foot drag to the road ​   
Archery 2023 Reports photo by Polski
Archery 2023 Reports photo by Polski
Archery 2023 Reports photo by Polski
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