Archery 2023 Reports

9/12/23 @ 5:33 PM
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A sign of things to come. 

Archery 2023 Reports photo by eyesman
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11/2/23 @ 10:06 PM
Pickled Northern Pike
Pickled Northern Pike
User since 10/19/21

Marinette County tonight.  After 15 minutes of holding out at 40 yards watching the two doe browsing around me he finally decided to trot in to check them out. Snot was dripping off my beard and I was stiff from sitting in a frozen position.  Fun stuff.   Thankfully stopped broadside at 20 yards and I thunked him.    Ran 50 yards and crashed !  

Archery 2023 Reports photo by Pickled Northern Pike
Archery 2023 Reports photo by Pickled Northern Pike
Archery 2023 Reports photo by Pickled Northern Pike
11/2/23 @ 9:03 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/12/14
My sons 1st archery kill at 11!! Riding high!!
Archery 2023 Reports photo by FishinXtreme
11/2/23 @ 9:47 AM
User since 7/17/09
That is hilarious. I had a very similar runt spike doing that to me last night. Came within 10ft behind me a few times. First encounter I didn't even know it was there. I was pulling my face mask at dusk and it stomped the ground behind me. I turned and just stared at me. Took off several times and returned to the same spot 10ft from me. Felt like I should have walked over and pet it. lol

Kinda flat evening. Got into stand, had 2 does pass by walking with the south wind. 15 min later had a younger buck trailing. 60+yards out. Maybe 6 or small 8. Nothing was in a real hurry to do anything. 
11/2/23 @ 7:10 AM
User since 7/20/09
Daughter and I were out last night.  Saw 2 small bucks chasing a doe around.  I just about grunted one in for her to get a shot, it was 10 yards behind us and wouldn't come to the other side of the tree.  It would walk away, I would grunt, it would walk right back.  Bet it did that 5 times or more.
11/1/23 @ 1:03 PM
Rattle em up
User since 4/19/21
Southern Wisconsin: Had lots of deer movement this morning, one doe was being chased and brought an eight pointer right to me. Not the buck I am waiting for. Had what looked like a 10 pointer right under my tree about a 1/2 hour before shooting. Beautiful weather morning with the snow. Good luck all.
11/1/23 @ 6:29 AM
User since 7/17/09
Sat the last two nights after work. Decent activity. Mon night had an Ok 8pt in range. Came in on an angle behind me. Didn't have myself in a great position but the 20yard shot was there. Hesitated. Not quite big enough.
Last night moved to a spot I seen a giant roaming through previous day. Setup and had a Doe browse through at 50yards. I knew I should have made an adjustment and got closer. Sure S*"t , 30 min later had a beauty 8pt trailing. SOB.  Just before last light had another buck trail thru. Looked like a younger smaller buck. 
Like mentioned, no aggressive movements..real casual runt activity at the moment. I was skeptical yesterday with snow moving out and cold heavy winds increasing. Deer moved thou right before nightfall.
Lacrosse county swamper
Archery 2023 Reports photo by Fowler2
11/1/23 @ 4:57 AM
User since 4/9/04
Report from Shawano county hunted Monday and Tuesday Mornings.Small bucks were chasing does,Large bucks searching had two close encounters didn’t work out though. Most Does and fawns by themselves but cold weather made for good movement.
11/1/23 @ 3:55 AM
User since 3/9/11
Nothing moving in the north woods. Very typical for a first snowfall event. I run into this situation every single year. They'll start moving again in a couple of days!
10/31/23 @ 8:08 PM
User since 6/20/13
Darin- That is really cool about your dad's buck.. Good for him !!!

Setter- I echo the other comments and hope your brother recovers fully and gets back to hunt. Good to share stories like this as a reminder about tree safety. I never climb a tree now without a Lifeline hooked up to the top and back down. Good luck to everyone.
10/30/23 @ 10:54 PM
Darin - Lake-Link
Darin - Lake-Link
PRO MEMBER User since 5/17/01

Nope refuses to hunt from the ground 🤦‍♂️

Set up his stands with hunter safety lifelines last week. Has a good body harness. Which we all use… pretty nimble for his age! Just happy he got a nice buck. Also have him set up with Life Line GPS system on his neck. Stubborn Vietnam vet, what do you do?! Lol ​I unfortunately could not be out there but there was another young man hunting also. Dad could just enjoy the moment.

And setterjack prayers for your brother 
10/30/23 @ 8:05 PM
User since 11/26/01
Darin, very inspirational.  From the ground I assume.  I hope to be still living in the woods at 80.  Hope you helped him drag it at least. Well placed shot.
10/30/23 @ 4:45 PM
User since 1/18/07
Hockey, he walked to the road, luckily only 150 yds this spot. Couldn't move his arms except from the elbows down. Very poor reception there but managed to call his wife.I didn't know anything till he text me this morning. Was at the ER until 3am. Also very worried about internal damages. He has a long recovery ahead. 60 yrs old one heck of a fall. All he's worried about is his annual Kansas gun hunt 😵‍💫
10/30/23 @ 2:51 PM
Darin - Lake-Link
Darin - Lake-Link
PRO MEMBER User since 5/17/01
Dad - Lake-Link got one last night!

Not bad for 80 years old   
Archery 2023 Reports photo by Darin - Lake-Link
10/30/23 @ 12:47 PM
User since 8/24/07
Hoping for a quick recovery for your brother. That must have been a scary phone call to get. Was he able to call for help or was he out there for a while?
10/30/23 @ 10:06 AM
User since 1/18/07
Congratulations guys and gals on your success!! Thanks for sharing!! 

Last night my younger brother fell 20 ft. Landing on his face, broken nose and both shoulder sockets shattered. He stepped on a pine branch that he recently sawed off about 6 inches just broke off. He's lucky to be alive! 
Please use extra caution  using tree stands! I know I will be...🙏
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