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Dan Johnson Taxidermist

W359 N5828 Brown St. 1
Oconomowoc, WI 53066
(262) 560-0445
Dan Johnson Taxidermist
"When You Want Your Trophy to Remain a Trophy"

I have been serving hunters, fisherman, baitshops, and guides with quality mounts since 1986. My strong love for the outdoors and its creatures has led to a strong commitment and desire of being an artist in the field of Taxidermy. I am constantly honing my skills and artistic talents to set my work above the rest.

Fish Mounts...
Although I have done taxidermy in all fields, fish remain as my specialty and one of my favorite hobbies. I meticulously hand carve each and every form that goes into each fish to achieve the correct shape and pose characteristic to the individual fish; paying close attention to detail and extensively study each fish because of the variance of color difference from different bodies of water. Your fish will return to you in the colors from which it originated. Once the fish is painted it is clear coated with an epoxy finish, this not only gives it a shine, but returns that fresh caught slime look and also strengthens the entire fish along with preserving it for a lifetime. This epoxy will not yellow or lose it shine.

Bird Mounts...
Ducks, geese, pheasants, turkeys, any pose or position! The endlessly to position a bird makes a very beautiful mount. Birds are the most versatile mount to do because of the endless ways they can be positioned, whether you prefer flying, standing or desire some water scenery or other habitat. Museum quality poses are available!

Mammal Mounts...
Whether it's a life size squirrel to a bear, hides are commercially tanned to exihbit their own exceptional primeness and mounted onto quality urethane mannequins in your desired pose.

If catch and release is your preference, a good photo is required. I am currently developing a specific line of molds that exhibit exceptional detail in the mouth and head area, all others are commercially purchased.

I cannot unmount your fish, however I can repair fins, cracks, repaint it and restore it with a high luster gloss!

PLEASE NOTE: Rates subject to change without notice.
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