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La Crosse County, Wisconsin
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2/1/24 @ 9:13 PM
User since 7/17/09
Glad you made it out safely. Could have turned to the worse. 
 Our local ice rescue was paged out around lunch time yesterday for an ice incident. Did not hear much for details. Sounded like someone went thru and quickly assisted by area fisherman.
This evening seen a dozen or so fisherman still pressing there luck out from Schaffers. Nutz
Airboat fisherman out on the perch flat below KT. Floatation craft really only safe means of travel currently IMO.
2/1/24 @ 7:57 PM
User since 1/23/15
Ventured out on the lake yesterday evening for what might have been the last time of the season. I spudded my way out to be safe, but got lazy on my walk back in without spudding and ended up going through even though I thought I was following my same track. Disappointed in myself for not taking necessary precautions, but was lucky enough to not lose any gear. A good reminder that the ice of the backwaters is unpredictable. Might be 8 inches in one spot and 2 in the next...
For those debating on coming to fish it this weekend, I definitely wouldn't advise it based on my experience but you can decide for yourself. 
As for fishing, caught a couple good perch and crappie along with some type of shiner. Time to get the boat ready I suppose...
1/29/24 @ 3:24 PM
User since 10/20/05
Did some scouting around today.  South shore of the lake had 13" but it was milky all the way down and not a soul out there.  Black River is open from the spillway to just past the beach.  Main channel is starting to open up between the dam and the bridge but the landing is still iced in and with the mess the construction made of the ice out there It will probably be tough to push a boat out.  South landing is still locked up all the way out and a couple guys were fishing close in but the landing is blown out and there's water all along the edges.  I don't think I'd risk venturing out on the point anymore, it was swiss cheesed with holes and only 8" or so to start so I'm sure the current is eating it up out there.  10 day looks brutal, pray to the fish gods.

1/27/24 @ 11:48 PM
ted b.
User since 2/3/03
We Still had good thickness but the ice could use some freezing nights to strengthen back up.   Neat to see the shad population - it will help the big fish get bigger
1/26/24 @ 12:54 PM
ted b.
User since 2/3/03
Slow bite with 95% good ice.    Had 8-10" everywhere except that there was a spot 20yds by 10yds wide with only 5" of ice.    This is 50yds northwest of the far north airport light.   Everywhere else ice was good with some water on top.    Will report how it holds up this weekend.   Pray for a deep freeze after the upcoming warmup.
1/25/24 @ 7:05 PM
Hunt Fish Camp
Hunt Fish Camp
User since 1/9/24
Ice: 9"
Went and checked the ice in three spots off Schafer's this afternoon. Caught fish in each hole too! Decent gills and a mid-sized couple perch! Is is holding up, but it is only going to get worse!

1/25/24 @ 7:58 AM
User since 12/16/09
We had 13 1/2” of ice where we went Monday and Tuesday beautiful clear ice too and saw 1 quad and he was a local. Hover crafts yes airboats yes. No different than any year. 
1/24/24 @ 10:34 AM
User since 7/17/09
Very true, out of towners / lake rentals filling up this week. And of course they have there motorized toys in tow. Seen a few quads on the ice yesterday afternoon. I wouldn't suggest it honestly. 
Sketchy freeze up this year. Looks real dicey out towards the airport lights and the large perch flat.
Foot travel suggested and next week looks like mid/upper 40's all week with sun.
I doubt I even wet a line this year.
Last weekend of archery coming up. That's my probable direction. 
Lake Onalaska photo by Fowler2
1/24/24 @ 10:06 AM
User since 10/20/05
I think it's time to get realistic and start managing expectations.  It's hard to imagine a worse winter than this, the temperatures have been bad and just to add an extra kick in the nuts we got 6" of snow dumped on us right before the cold snap.  Ice is way behind where it would normally be and it sounds like there's a good bit of variability in thickness due to the snow.  The river is already coming up, there's water on the ice along the edges, and the 10 day shows us not getting out of the 30s, except for the days it will be in the 40s.  I'm sure there will still be fishable ice this weekend but a horde of out of towners with side by sides and quads could get interesting.  As to the derbies after this weekend I have my doubts there will be safe conditions.  It sucks, but it is what it is.  
1/24/24 @ 8:54 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 3/14/06
AND…… Onalaska Lions club 2/10
Displaying 1 to 10 of 2,508 posts

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