Monday, June 29th

My Fiance and I wanted to catch a whole mess of Bluegill and/or Crappie, and maybe a few bass. I had never fished this lake before, but wanted to try it out since Lake Monroe hadn't been producing much. First with the weather. I'll say that it was a little chilly out and was very overcast threatening us with rain most of the morning. However being that it was the only day off this week, and I had been itchin' to fish. We had gotten to the lake about 8am with high hopes to catch a cooler full of fish.


We saw lots of bluegill none were very big and were very hard to get to bite even with live red worms. We never ended up catching any bluegill.

Bass were easier to find fishing points with a top-water popper. A little while after the bite had died down using a texas rigged creature bait, watermelon in color.

All-in-all I found the 133 acre lake fun to fish with all the down trees and vegetation around the edges of the lake.

Notes: Only 2 bass were landed they were maybe 15 inches but good fighters, 1 crappie was caught while trolling a curly tail in probably 10-12 feet of water. I had other bass on but I did not set the hook very good. shame on me.