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Roasted Acorn Squish

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10/20/11 1:57 PM CST
We call it squish in our house. No good reason, we just do.

Easy recipe, probably similar to whatever you grew up with. I am making one tonight so I thought I would throw this out there incase there were a few people that don't eat it or have never tried it. Very good, very easy. Like hot pumkpin pie. Rave reviews in my house.

Cut the squish in half, along the ribbing of the gourd, not against it. Scrape out seed and clean out. Take a fork and stab the meat all over but be sure not to go all the way through it and peirce the outside skin. Place both halves in a bread pan, cut face up.

In seperate bowl add 3 or 4 tbl soft butter, 2 tbl brown sugar, ***1/4 tsp fresh grated nutmeg***(find some, do not use pre-ground), 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp table salt, 1/4 black pepper(or cayanne, both very good) I gave measurements off the top of my head. I have made this so many times I don't measure a thing, but this is how it goes if I was to assign measurements to it, roughly. Maybe you want more butter or sugar. Do it, it's flexible.

Take your compound butter and smear it all over the cut face of the squish. No butter gets left out, devide whatever is left and equally spoon into in the cup of the squish.

This is what makes it over the top good.. SPRINKLE 2 TBLS OF CHOPPED PECANS over the face of the squash.

Roast at 350 for a hour, again, cup up. Allow to cool down a bit and serve the squish bowl, in a bowl, with just a spoon. One half is a serving here and there is never any left over.

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12/6/11 2:40 PM CST


Made it last night, and it was fantastic. Tonight I get to eat the other half.



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11/1/11 6:41 PM CST
My wife has been removing the seeds and junk,then peeling the skin and cutting the remaining "meat" into cubes. She then salts and bakes and it's delicious.

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