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Antigo Lake (Kellog Pond) Reviews

Langlade County, WI
Langlade County, WI
There are currently 6 reviews for Antigo Lake (Kellog Pond).

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February 5, 2009
"This lake is shot thanks to the city practically draining the lake all the time. Only a foot of water under the ice in winter now. Used to be my favorite lake monster fish of all species. This place is now the dead sea I quit fishing it, even though this is the place I learned everything i know about fishing. WHAT A DARN SHAME"
Derrick Broeckel - Wausau, Wisconsin
January 28, 2005
"This lake holds some very big fish if you can find them.Caught a northern "48 in. and released it, so I know the big ones are in here. I've also caught my fair share of Brook trout in the Spring Brook, which flows into and out of Antigo lake.Over the years I have caught many very nice fish here, including a "14 & 1/2 in. Brook trout I caught last season on a fly rod."
Chris Opper - Antigo, Wisconsin
March 24, 2003
"This lake does have some really nice fish in it. However, it can be really tricky to catch them. There are some big northerns, but catching them (for me, at least) is next to impossible. If you use a boat, that would give you an advantage over about 95% of the lake's fishing pressure. If you put a canoe in above the swimming pool and go upstream, there is some pretty good trout fishing. Most planted fish, but fun nonetheless."
Nate Heuss - Antigo, Wisconsin
June 27, 2002
"Never fished here with a boat before, I always shore fished. When I used a boat, I was shocked at the Bass population being so good. Fish with Shallow cranks or with Spinnerbaits."
Derrick Broeckel - Antigo, Wisconsin
December 1, 2000
"Has Great Northern Pike If You Know What To Use."
Derrick Broeckel - Antigo,Wi
September 29, 2000
"Good For Perch And Bass In Spring Only"
Derrick Broeckel - Antigo, Wi
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