Arbutus Lake* Lake Reviews
Jackson County, Wisconsin

There are currently 6 reviews for Arbutus Lake*.
The lake is spotty for bass so you need to keep moving but the good news you can come back to a spot and catch more. The active largemouth are near current swept or windy points but they can also be found on the big flat near east arbutus campgrounds. In the spring go up Arnold's creek past the bridge. The smallmouth are mixed in the with the largemouth on the current swept or windy points. Go up the main river and feeder creeks and fish the main channel at the turns and breaks. Catfish use chicken liver in the deep holes.
Great for camping and scenery. Good crappie in the spring in the Arnolds Creek cove. Your best bet catching fish is the cranberry marsh ponds in Jackson County.
In the fall this lake is tops for smallmouth bass. If you know what to look for and if you use the right lure you will have a great day.
If you know what you are doing you can catch big smallmouth bass whereever there is rocks or wood. you can just drifed around for wallyes and crappies mostly 8-12 inch crappies. there is too many carp though.
It´s A Great Place To Just Trow A Worm, It Doesn´t Matter If You Have A Boat.
Rarely Catch Bass Near Rocks Going Into Black River, But I Keep Going Back. Beautiful Scenery.