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Little Green Lake Reviews

Green Lake County, WI
Green Lake County, WI
There are currently 25 reviews for Little Green Lake.

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February 12, 2019
"Been slaying the northern and big gills out there."
Dan Smith - Princeton , WI
December 21, 2017
"Nice lake, with decent fishing. Good mix of fisherman and recreational boaters."
Pete Piotrowski - Markesan, WI
November 22, 2016
"Lots of really tiny bass in the lake this year. Pain in the butt when panfishing!"
Pete Piotrowski - Markesan, WI
July 13, 2016
"I never leave this lake empty-handed! We have caught a number of smaller walleye and panfish, but there are some monster 20+" bass lurking in the weeds."
Bill Fuerstenau - Horicon, WI
September 26, 2011
"Fishing for most species is good. This lake will not be able to sustain though with the lack of CPR. Every legal fish is kept and will be the demise of this lake!"
Mason Kirchner - Evansville, Wisconsin
June 20, 2011
"good bass fishing, so far all my bass have ben 15+ inches, my biggest being 17.5 inches. i caught it on a rattling rapala by jigging it in its nest."
Mike Reynolds - Markesan, Wisconsin
February 1, 2011
"Will be a great perch fishing lake in a few years. Right now they're to small to keep."
Chris DeQuardo - Slinger, Wisconsin
June 1, 2007
"This is one of my favorite lakes to vist always have luck with pan fish. We always seem to find the big ones by the island. Just a fun lake to fish"
sarah cary - fond du lac, Wisconsin
March 4, 2007
"Overrated to much pressure but if you troll crawler harnesses you will caught walleyes."
louis julian - beaver dam, Wisconsin
December 15, 2006
"Great pan fish lake especially perch"
Ross Weber - West Bend, Wisconsin
December 18, 2004
"I fished this lake with a few of my fishing buds last winter for the first time and lets just say ill be going back every ice up. One of the best pan fishing lakes I've ever been on."
brian smith - racine, Wisconsin
March 14, 2004
"I've been fishing Little Green around 15 years now and I've never gone on it and left empty handed. There is excellent panfishing on these waters, an awesome musky population per square foot of the lake also. Recently the walleye are finally getting up there in numbers. ( I suggest CPR with the eyes for now till the population becomes better established). And you can always guarantee yourself some bass during spring, summer, and fall. I highly recommend this lake. Good luck and Tight Lines."
Scott Ford - Caledonia, Wisconsin
February 6, 2002
"Very good summer lake...for large mouth bass preferbly plastic worm fishing under trees and in shadows.... many of time come out with limits.....excelent lake. Aalso good for muskies."
Dave - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
October 19, 2001
"Very strong muskie water. Great numbers lake; I suspect some trophy potential too . . . We CPRd a 46-25 last Sunday (10/14/01)."
Scott Polman - Niles, Illinois
June 13, 2001
"Caught 45 Blugill, 6.5-7 In. Long 6/10/01"
Jim Gabrish - Sheboygan,wi
June 6, 2001
"Great Pan Fish Lake. Caught About 50 Perch Within 2 Hours. Great Lake To Take Kids To."
Jeff - Green Bay
June 5, 2001
"Musky, Missed A Nice One At Least 50". Couple Nice Northern Too. (36",32",32.5", 33"!!!)"
Bill - Milwaukee
June 1, 2001
"Caught Alot Of Panfish Nothing To Big Though. Very Nice Quiet Lake."
John - Sheboygan, Wi
July 6, 2000
"Great Pan-Fish Lake"
Wade Lenz - Fairwater, Wi
June 26, 2000
"Algea Bloom, Didn´t See One Fish In 3 Days. Plenty Of Dead Ones. Somethings Wrong"
Rob - Yorkville, Illinois
May 4, 2000
"This Lake Offers Great Muskie Fishing!!!"
Ben - Loas
January 22, 2000
"Great Ice Fishing You Want Action Come Here"
Kirby - Waupun
July 18, 1999
"To Much Greenage Bad Smell To Many Speed Boats"
Joe Niehaus - Oshkosh
June 15, 1999
"As Far As Musky Fishing Comes, It´s A Great Lake!"
Marco Oblena - Chicago
May 27, 1999
"Excellent Lake For All Species! Huge Musky And Huge Bass And Some Nice Walleye"
Daniel Simons - Markesan
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