Arbutus Lake* Lake Reviews
Clark County, Wisconsin

There are currently 12 reviews for Arbutus Lake*.
No bites on our tip ups
Fished this lake multiple times during many winter/summer seasons with absolutely no luck. Maybe I am just not in the right places at the right times, but the lake is small and seems easy to read for points, flat, and other structure. Summer fishing is a joke as the boat traffic is ridiculous with absolutely no regard to boat safety/procedures. With that said, this lake appears dead. Even though it's a longer drive, I am sticking with my northern WI lakes that consistently produce fantastic fishing year-round and have considerate boaters. I'm done with Arbutus.
Arbutus is a had lake to fish all year long, but the fish are there it takes some work finding them when you do its game on. A good flasher is a must for ice fishing and fish in 22 to 24 foot of water. Bays are good spots. Good luck.
great lake for winter slab crappie.and wallie
The Black River system is a great area for native muskies, small and largemouth bass, northern, and walleyes. I've fished here for many, many years and hope you too will catch and release as I did with a 44' musky last spring.
You know, I spent many hours out on this lake. I have to tell you, I did not get one damn thing. There were plenty of guys around the area I was at, so I figured it should be a good spot, but they did not get anything at all. I am disappointed in this lake, I heard many good things, but it has yet to deliver. Maybe I was in the wrong spot at the wrong time, maybe my line was deep or not deep enought for this lake not sure. I will just have to keep on trying and find out the secrets to this mystical lake.
This is a lake that has lots of big crappie and walleye. But it is a very hard lake to fish for the reason that there is very little weed growth, lots of structure, multiple inlets,and lots of little bays. If you are going to fish the lake bring a topo map and a trolling motor for summer and in winter bring a good power auger and vexilar.
carp have taken over the lake in the last 2 years(bad fishing)
Hard To Beat The Fishing At This Lake. A Lot Of Baits Do Work
Good Fishing
A Great Lake For Walleye Crappies, Also Smallmouth Bass. A Great Place To Tip-Up Fish.
Trolling For Walleye Is A Must, Good Crappie Fishing As Well.