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Twin Lake (north)

Vilas County, Wisconsin
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9/26/22 @ 7:43 PM
User since 3/2/12

When does North Twin freeze up I would like to do some Musky fishing late this year?

9/13/22 @ 12:52 PM
User since 8/27/22

These are the baits i trolled with. By the way, walleyes and smallies were caught between 20-30ft

Twin Lake (north) photo by *Samson*
9/13/22 @ 12:51 PM
User since 8/27/22

Family and i had a great holiday weekend on Twin lake! The fishing was pretty good. The 1st day we had 20mph wind from the east, Blowing right down the chute! lol so it was tough fishing. We didnt fish much on the 1st day, but we did catch a few bass. Next couple days were super nice! water temps were in the lower 70's so i started off scanning the mid lake bars and points extension that were close to deep water, didnt find much. then i went to far eastside of lake, (I figured fish/bait got blown down to that end of lake) and holy cow it was loaded over there. Seen tons of bait, walleyes and smallies. (i have a couple screen shots of what it looked like on east side of lake). With the way the bait and game fish were set up i decided to troll. i put on my favorite Rapalas (see pic) and trolled around 1.8-2.0mph and hammered! caught several keeper eyes also caught a few big smallies. All fish but 3 eyes were released to swim again. We did also catch quite a few blue gills and perch. The last day we had a few hrs to fish b4 we left for home, so we tried for musky. It was super foggy that morning (see pic) but we tried anyway. Didnt catch a fish but we had 3 follows and 1 miss. Overall great lake, people were awesome, we will definitely come back in the future.

Twin Lake (north) photo by *Samson*
Twin Lake (north) photo by *Samson*
Twin Lake (north) photo by *Samson*
8/31/22 @ 7:40 AM
User since 8/27/22


Great info epiepenburg, much appreciated. Sounds like the fishing on twin has been pretty good lately. I will definitely be looking for those deeper weeds, also there looks to be a good number of off shore humps/structure to take a look at as well. The kids are going to want to troll a little, so we will probably bust out the trolling gear again. But we also really like to bass fish for walleye lol. So jigging raps, snap jigging plastics, jerk baits and probably some live bait should be the ticket. Thanks again for the info, and ill post on how we did once we get back to Madison.


8/30/22 @ 8:12 AM
User since 2/1/12

Samson, water temps are still fairly warm. We haven't had many cold nights lately, therefore the water temps have actually been rising on most bodies of water back into the mid to upper 70's. We do have some colder nights and average high temps coming in the extended forecast based on this morning. However some days next week look to be pushing back toward upper 70's and even 80. 

That being said, typical late summer patterns should still be present. Last time I was out on Twin, we were marking a ton of fish around the 20 foot mark, while panfish were up shallower than that. There is a good deep weedline out there this year if you are looking for walleye. The typical humps and bars also are good spots to check at various times of the day. 

Bass fishing has also been pretty hot on Twin from what I am hearing.

Musky fishing, if that is your thing is also going well out there. The recent Musky National Championship tournament out of Eagle River was two weekends ago. The longest fish came out of Twin, and the person that caught the most fish for the weekend also happened to be out on Twin.

Good luck fishing.

8/27/22 @ 12:46 PM
User since 8/27/22

Coming up in a week with our 22ft Ranger the kids and there friends!  Any advise on what the walleyes are doing would be much appreciated. It will save me a ton of time scanning the lake.


Displaying 1 to 10 of 22 posts

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