Targeted Brown Trout.

Fished from 4:30pm-7:30pm, & 5:45am the next day. Walked along an access point by the capsite since there is a tree blocking the board walk by the pond & trail start. 

It rained decent a day ago so I thought using red worms would be a good choice. When I fished the afternoon I had 2 nibbles along the creek. One at the first bridge you cross, but the fish looked really small. The second nibble was at the first major bend through the taller grass. I dont have waders but I have high rubber boots so I was fishing from the creek banks. Was tough with the current speed from the rain carrying my worm and the weeds that seem to be prevalent this time of year. I fished the pond for a bit on my way back by the 2 culverts and saw nothing at all.

This morning I fished the same areas. No nibbles, but on 2 occasions I heard/saw some fish gulping at the surface. 

Bummed I didn't catch anything. Bugs were more tolerable in the morning.