Fished out of Potawatomi Park from 8:30 til 3:00 picked up 4 perch right away 2 dinks and 2 medium size could have been bigger but big enough to keep fished in 17 FOW. Caught 2 on jigging rap with minnow head other caught on slip bobber with minnow. Also tied into something BIG large red mark on Vexilar next thing rod is pointing south with line being taken out, started to gain line on him then slack line. Musky? we were only in 9 FOW at the time wish i could have gotten a look at him. Conditions on the ice plenty of ice came within 6 inches of needing a extension. a few trucks out there including me and i got stuck twice I would not suggest going out there with a truck because of the slush pockets that I was very lucky to get through(Thank God) Bad omens all day fishing gods were telling me to quit while i was ahead. Brought ATV and it didn't start guessing it couldn't handle the cold drive up from Manitowoc had -4 when we got there. thats why i ended up taking the truck out. If nothing else it was a beautiful day no wind and sunny skies.

Big thank you to the people who helped me get out