Just the facts

Fished pool 11 tail waters ten times this year when the water levels permitted,  Caught a total of 7 walleye and 21 sauger all season.  The river level remains dangerously high with still lots of trees, logs, telephone poles, and even saw railroad ties coming down river.  I also never had my boat on plane all season due to the floating hazards.

To my knowledge even the fishing barge saw no paying customers this year, just anglers from boats tying up to get a break from the challenge of boat control.

Fishing was difficult, but catching was very bad.  The Iowa DNR for over a decade use to check everyone's stringer at the boat launch for both the size and an ear drum sample to get the fishes age.  They have not done this practice for the past 4 seasons.  When I stopped in and asked them about this, they replied "nobody catches fish here anymore".

I tried the usual Dubuque rigs with a combination of plastics and minnow/crawlers, slow trolling raps upstream, blade baits, and some salt water jigs to fight the heavy current.  I did notice my hookup rate was lower, I am guessing due to the heavy weight I had to use.

That being said, I did have success in Pool 9 this year with the same techniques.

What is the state of pool 11?  Have the fished all moved up river with the gates being open for 8 weeks in the fall for the past 4 years...or is the pool now full of larger fish due to mother natures protection in the fall when they are concentrated and at their most vulnerable?? I would guess the truth is somewhere in the middle as I still do well fishing the wing dams downriver in the summer.

My season is now over.