Through a sad turn of events, my camping group finds itself in search of a new site for our annual weekend. Someone was uninvited and responded by basically saying well F you I'm going to get there first. So, rather than deal with drama, we're looking at new spots between Goodman and Niagra. I had my spots I'd hit with good success on the area creeks, but need to find new water to fish. 

Can anyone give an opinion on a couple creeks/rivers near where we're looking? I'm already aware the Pembonwon and Pike are decent waters. I'm curious about Sidney Creek, Shinn's Branch, Macintyre Creek, Crosset Creek, and Spikehorn Creek.  Can anyone give a thumbs up, meh, or don't waste your time opinion on any of these?  There are a few of these that have stretches running through private land and connected to ponds on private, so guessing they should be decent.  Feel free to PM me/send friend request as I know heavy pressure is no good. 

Pic is from last year at the creek we are were closest to. Know of one a half inch bigger that was kept out of the same creek the week prior. To say I'm sad to be leaving this spot is an understatement.