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Lake Michigan-Kenosha

Kenosha County, Wisconsin
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8/17/23 @ 6:40 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 11/5/17
Was out yesterday 4-8 AM and it was kinda slow with 3 kings 8-10# , one 5# laker and a shaker along with 3 losses.     Nasty 2-3? Footers coming from all directions caused by yesterday’s storms.    Fished 90-130-depths using flies and moonshine spoons at 90-110‘ down!   The 10#er should have weighed several pounds more but was quite skinny.
Lake Michigan-Kenosha photo by Carpio
8/12/23 @ 11:31 PM
lousy fisherman
User since 5/11/21
Correction: launched out winthrop
8/12/23 @ 11:08 PM
lousy fisherman
User since 5/11/21
Launched out of northrop again at around 5pm but fished mostly across state line near kenosha till 9:30. 5 for 7 and 2 drive-by. 3 adult kings, a 5lb king and a small rainbow. 130-100 fow.

1-swr rigger with bluedolphin spoon switched to raspberry carbon
1-8.5 color with mag rv bloody nose
1-6 color orange crush spoon switched to another bloody nose
1-dipsey 3 set 140' loc mag rv bad toad
1-dipsey 1.5 set 180'-150' loc glow crush spin doctor
1-dipsey 3 set 180' loc glow spin doctor switched to mag rv mongolian beef
1- dipsey 1.5 set 190' loc mag rv blue flounder
1-rigger with chrome j plug caused issues so ended up pulling it

Bloody nose on 8 color took a king and rainbow and had a small shaker hit. Mongolian beef and bad toad took 1 each. Blue flounder took 1, lost 1, and had a drive-by. Raspberry carbon had a nibble. Had the first king and bow at 130' but made it in to around 100' and had much more consitant marks around 70'-40' down. Definatley a glow spoon bite, nothing on flashers and should have changed them sooner.

7/24/23 @ 11:32 AM
lousy fisherman
User since 5/11/21
"loc" line on counter
7/24/23 @ 9:37 AM
Fin Bender
Fin Bender
User since 9/16/11
lousy fisherman:
#1 dipsey 3 set 180' loc with 8 inch spin doctor emerald green double crush glow

What's "LOC" ??

7/23/23 @ 10:33 PM
lousy fisherman
User since 5/11/21
Late report from 7/22, launched out of Winthrop but went across the state line and close to Kenosha most of the time. Started around 5 pm and fished till 9, went 4 for 7, 2 20lb kings a rainbow, and a coho. Started in 180' but made a run back to 130' for the last hour and a half or so. 
1- rigger down 50' with blue dolphin stinger spoon
1- swr rigger down 70' with 8 inch spindoctor white blue crush
1- #1 dipsey 3 set 180' loc with 8 inch spin doctor emerald green double crush glow
1- #1 dipsey 1.5 set 180' loc with mag rv moonshine Mongolian beef
1- #1 dipsey 3 set 140'-160' loc with mag rv moonshine bad toad
1- #1 dipsey 1.5 set 140'-225' loc with chrome green spin doctor and switched to double crush glow
1- 6 color orange crush proking 
1 10 color stinger nbk

Best rod by far was the 3 set dipsey with double crush taking 2 and losing 2. Swr rigger took a king and lost 1, and 6 color took a king. Rigger with spoon had a drive-by. Marked fish when first set up in 180' and immediately got the bow but then silence for the next hour and stopped marking so ran back to 130' and consistently marking and had quick action as well. King on the 6 color went into dipsey so reeled him in with both rods, and then king on rigger decided he also wanted to give us a hard time and went into 10 color so fought him with both rods as well. Now my fresh 10 color is an 8 color. Seems like water is in the 50s everywhere. Buddy did great the same day in the am but had most action on spoons. Mostly been fishing out of Waukegan / Winthrop with ?good success so that's why lack of reports.

Tight lines

5/20/23 @ 7:26 PM
Grey Beard
User since 1/27/02
You had a lot of action for a late start. Thanks for all the details.

I know the panther power lift is expensive but it’s a wonderful thing to have. I’ve had mine since 1995. Back then it was a Neptune TL 35. I just replaced a motor for $100 And it works wonderfully especially in four footers.

Grey Beard. 
5/20/23 @ 6:53 PM
lousy fisherman
User since 5/11/21
Late start again at around 1pm this time. We got 6 lake trout, kept 4 and lost 3. We set lines in at 30 ft had our first hit in about 40ft and maintained about 50ft. Decided to try and avoid lake trout by going deeper but still got one. We then wanted to try in shallow again but our kicker wouldnt trim down so kust packed up(read tye end about trim please).Others have got coho in that 30ft range or way out in 200ft. I guess the lake trout are in between. 

1- coho rig with 1oz snap weight
1-coho rig with 20z snap weight
2-# 0 dipsey out 90 on 3 setting witj orange spoon/nbk
1-3 color orange spoon
1-4 color orange spoon
2- downriggers, one had a 1 color with coho rig set at 10ft and the other was straight mono with blue dolphin set various depths

None of the riggers got hit and neither did the 2oz snap weight. Everything else caught or atleast had a hit. Lost a potential king or atleast a big lake trout knowing our luck on the 3 color. Overall havent seen others with much better success although they managed to stay away from the lakers.

Also a question about mounting a kicker motor. We have ours on a cmc-pt30 which is an absolute heap of junk. I have to rebuild it after every trip because it wont trim down and dont feel like spending couple hubdred on anothe actuator. I am considering the manual panther marine jack plate but not sure if its any good. It also doesnt tilt so our kicker might still be in the water as its a long shaft and only has 3 tilt positions. If anyone has any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated.

Thight lines
5/13/23 @ 2:50 PM
reel riot
User since 8/26/01
Thats whats exciting about salmon fishing ! You learn something every time you go after fish, and hope that you are able to make a more educated attack plan , with built in variables from your experiences ! What's the old saying, " That's why they call it fishing not catching "  
5/13/23 @ 2:04 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 11/5/17
I agree and the shorter the lead from the dodger to the fly the more action the fly has BUT this attributes to more “ drive bys “.      Always something. Lol. 
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