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8/27/20 @ 9:34 PM
Waxing Gibbous
User since 3/17/06

22 inch male smallie released

8/26/20 @ 9:02 AM
Waxing Gibbous
Kayak Fisher
Kayak Fisher
MEMBER since 6/4/08

Tried this morning, not much going on by the north gap.  Lots of water moving around and debris.  Had one on the day before.  Lots of boats for a Wednesday morning.  I left by 6:30..... work

7/20/20 @ 11:26 AM
New Moon
User since 6/23/09

Attempted to fish Salmon-a-rama for the past 9 days. I had a few days where I could get out all day, otherwise I was at the mercy of daycare dropoffs and pickups. Ah, such is life. But better than having to skip SAR like last year.

Anyways, I had my best action on the first Saturday (23 lb king at sunset on flasher fly in 90 fow) and then on Monday (17 lb king in 125 fow, 9 lb steely in 200 fow - not a typo). Following that, we were at the mercy of wind, waves and weather. I fished when I could in those conditions, but kayak control while fighting the few hookups I had was tough. The best water seemed to be in that 110-120 fow for me, but I only ended up catching 8 total fish and lost about that. More tangles than I ever had - probably a combination of rust and conditions. I only caught 2 fish on flasher/fly, but they were my 2 biggest. 

My 23.78 lb king managed to hold on for 1st. Congrats to the other guys who placed - Zach managed to place 2nd for the 2nd year in a row. That'll probably be it for me this summer king season. I might get a trip or two out for fall kings, we'll see how it's going. Tight lines to everyone else!

Special thanks to the organizers who kept the kayak division going behind the scenes as well as Vibe Kayaks for donating the grand prize!

7/9/20 @ 10:31 AM
User since 2/28/16

Facebook groups are probably where you'll get the most interest or conversations.

Try great lakes kayak anglers

There are others

7/9/20 @ 9:25 AM
User since 6/7/14

Clearly there is not a lot of communication happening here as in the past.  As I am preparing for salmonarama,(not sure if it is really happening or not), I am contemplating selling my native, pedal kayak fully outfitted, rods, tackle, reels, sideview gps locator, dry suit and after a few very good years, hanging it up. Selling the whole package for between 3 and 4 K.   Getting too old pedal all those miles.  Is there a diferent forum everyone is using now to communicate? And is there still a market for used stuff like this?

5/23/20 @ 10:36 PM
User since 10/17/04

Way to go Mark! Good to see you out and slaying them!

5/23/20 @ 8:57 PM
Waxing Crescent
User since 6/23/09

Kings are showing up and they're big! Got out for my first trip in almost a year this morning. Played frogger with the boats in the fog. Had a good sunrise bite with 3 fish on in 20 minutes. Lost the first 2, landed my last, with a new PB 40.5", 28.2 lb king. Couldn't figure things out after the sun came up. The big one hit a flasher fly. Had my luck working the dirty to clean water transition. Tight lines this year!

5/8/20 @ 7:30 AM
Capt Rick
User since 5/27/11

I was thinking of have a trout salmon tourny series on lake Mich. Star in the south and working my way north. I am asking if any of you would be interested?  I would like to have 1 month, at different ports. This would start in 2021 as i need to get places and enough people interested. The other input from you would you prefer a catch photo release or weigh in. 

   Here is my thought, with weigh you would have a limit of your 5. And cpr would be as many as you catch for total length. 

Yes safety will be a concern for all and if there needs to be a cancellation, would you like to say wait one day and see if it is better, or throw names in the hat for prizes? 

And what day would you like the tourney to be on, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.                 Again i am asking these questions to get your in put to make it the way you would prefer. I would also like ports or places you would like to have this at. Some times those small out of the way places can be great.

I will appreciate any and all comments from you. And please at least have your real name at the bottom of your note to me so i can respond to you with  respect.

Thanks Capt. Rick

4/18/20 @ 1:20 PM
User since 2/8/05

I’ve never caught a Brown out deep.... always shallower.

That in depth outdoor show mentioned was great and would be well worth your time.

cant copy the link... but google “in-depth outdoors brown trout you tube” and you get there...  they have a you tube channel as well, April 2018.

4/18/20 @ 9:31 AM
User since 3/9/17

Tips for catching browns:

1. Go crazy slow, I have caught browns on cranks as slow as 1/2 a mile per hour

2. These fish tend to live near the bottom, be sure your bait is within 3 ft of it, I have the best luck with cranks that i bottom out and then stop and let float up a few feet.

3. Browns like to be right where the cold water on the bottom meets the warm water on the bottom.  Normally I find them in 20 FOW or less this time of year.  I have caught them in as warm as 70F water in July in 30 FOW, so these fish are not always where the rest of the salmon are.  I have never caught a brown beyond 60 FOW, but i do hear it happens

4. Use a 12 LBS or less mono leader, they are skittish fish, I'm normally out at least 150 FT of line behind the boat.

5. These fish have amazing eye sight, best time is basically from right before first light to about 1/2 hour after sun rise.  Once the sun is fully up, you chances of finding a brown go down greatly on a sunny day.

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