So I make a cast from shore with my daiwa fuego and lews speed spool throwing a 1/2oz whopper on 10lbs fluorocarbon, backlash, the worst I've ever had. So I clear my backlash for 2 minutes and finally get it sorted out. 

I start to take up the line and finally get some tension back on the line and there's weight, lots of weight, more than I've ever felt from a fish so I think it must be a log (but I'm fishing a top water) and I tug; the line tugs back, I set the hook. 

A northern, literally as long as my arm. The fish I spent 3 days trying to catch and finally I'm going to meet it, without my net and tools. It fights hard, it trashes, it rockets out of the water with supreme acrobatics, but it's not getting away. A perfect hook set: rear treble in the corner of the mouth. I get it reeled in and as it approaches the shore it gets snared on this (pictured). A rats nest left behind from the worst kind of angler, the lowest of the low, anglers who leave their trash in the water and on the bank. 

I quickly pull my fastback out of my pocket and start freeing it, fearing that It will damage itself by the braided line cutting into it, maybe even killing it. 

As soon as I get it freed from the left behind line it trashes one more time, throws my hook and swims away. No picture........It swam away strong and safe.

I went back with my kayak and cleaned up the area because people are disgusting.

Moral of the story:

Always carry a knife and; your best catch might be ruined by someone else's trash, you might lose your favorite lure, or your best fish. Don't be like other people, take out what you bring in.

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