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Lake Buckatabon (upper&lower), Vilas County

Lake Buckatabon (upper&lower), Vilas County
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4/10/21 @ 11:32 PM


I fished Buckatabon for years with my family. It is a good family lake for bluegills and bass. But bass on the smaller size.  You have a good chance on catching muskys on the the lake. Fish the the deepest part on lower  and on upper fish the north and east weed edges and points. 

Good luck and it is a good body of water. 

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4/1/21 @ 12:56 PM
USER SINCE 3/31/21

Yeah Vegas, Walleye fishing is tough, way too many bait stealing bass and a ton of small gills. Do catch some nice sunfish though as well as a lot of crappies. 

I remember late 90's walleye fishing was good, pretty much gave up walleye fishing here in the last few years. 

4/1/21 @ 8:29 AM
USER SINCE 5/21/03

Seymour, as a kid I'd go down there for a soda and play the arcade games!  Yah, I know the place well!

Sadly, my parents sold their place on Lower.  It was for sale for a while, I think it sold in 2017 or 2018.  But I was up there pretty much every summer since 1980.

Funny thing about that lake.  I never had an issue getting walleyes.  And for a couple years, it was actually easy to go out and catch 8-10 an evening.  My old man (who has now passed away) would take his casino winnings from the year and put a hundred or so 13 inch walleyes into the lake every fall.  When he did that, we had a fishable walleye population.  Then he stopped doing it and walleyes got really, really tough again.  

When the DNR stocks the frye or fingerlings in there, it doesn't do much except feed the small pike, bass and crappies.  That lake needs the extended growth walleyes to get it going.

Musky wise.  I've never seen a lake shut down like Upper Buck.  One jet skier or regular ski boat whipping around and it seemed like every musky got lockjaw.  It was odd.

4/1/21 @ 7:56 AM
USER SINCE 3/31/21
New to LL, been reading for over 15 years and I finally joined!

Upper and Lower are both full of bass, pretty easy to catch. Musky and Walleye are tough. If you have a storm coming in grab your Musky stuff and start casting, the best time to catch one. 

Vegas, I have had a place at Buckatabon Lodge for 25 years, your not around anymore? I always enjoy all your posts. 

3/31/21 @ 11:14 AM
USER SINCE 5/21/03

You are welcome.  And maybe there was only one.  I remember using a floating ruler to measure it.  It was all I had up there, and it is not the most accurate.

Either way, it is a fun lake full of fish.  I remember good times taking a canoe back into the swamps and channels looking for spawning fish.

If you just want a good time, find the weedline just outside of Larsen's bay.  Grab a 1/16 ounce jig, yellow in color and put a fathead on there.  Work the weed edge.  You can catch anything doing that.

Just me reminiscing here, but when I was young, I must have musky fished Larsen's Bay for about 2 hours.  Picked it apart.  Nothing.  Saw some crappies in the weeds, so I flipped out a pinkie jig on a bobber.  The jig whipped over the top of the bobber and it was sitting funny.  So, I began snapping the rod to get the line to release.  Well, here comes a large wake from about 25 feet away.  As I reeled the bobber, the wake got closer and yep, a musky ate the bobber.  Little jig got caught on it's lip.  Fought it for about 45 minutes on an ultra light pole.  42 incher.  

3/31/21 @ 10:38 AM
USER SINCE 8/28/12

Vegas492. Thanks for all the info I really appreciate it. And I’ll have to keep an eye out for that musky! 

3/30/21 @ 1:18 PM
USER SINCE 5/21/03

Then there are two.  She was bigger than that the last time she and I had an intimate encounter.  And that was about 6 years ago.

And I recall your fish.  I believe someone else caught her as well.  

Not that the lake is big, but my encounter was pretty much at the opposite end of the lake from where your happened.

Amazing fish.

3/30/21 @ 12:58 PM
Rob Manthei
USER SINCE 5/26/10


Unless there are two(which I doubt it), Walter was 43'' 4 years ago......quite a rare sight....haven't seen it since however.

3/30/21 @ 8:20 AM
USER SINCE 5/21/03

I grew up on that lake.  Bass are easy.  If the spot looks like bass, fish it.  All those lilly pads on Lower will have bass.  I used to love catching them on top water buzz baits.  Throw the lure into the pads, reel it out and wait for the hit.

Upper also has similar spots.

Every weedline will have bass as well.  We used to have a lot of fun on 5 inch Senko's.  Cast it out, twitch it in slowly.  There is a bay just northwest of Larsen's Bay where we would hammer the bass.  

Jig and minnow on the weedlines always produced fish, too.  Bass, crappies, hammerhandle northerns, musky...occasional walleye.

My biggest bass on the lake came when I started fishing the deeper weeds, with jig and minnow.  Seemed like the littles ones liked thick cover.  Bigger ones were hunting the deeper weed edge.

Crappies were a blast.  And consistent.  The channel between the two lakes, at dusk is a prime spot.  Lower side.  Crappie minnow under bobber work, but so did a 1/32 ounce jig with a twister tail.  Pinkie jigs worked well, too.  It was like clockwork at dusk.

Dusk was also good inbetween the islands on Upper as well as Larsen's Bay.

During the day, I'd get them on those jigs in the deeper cabbage weed.  Only no bobber, just let it sink down and bounce it around those weeds.

Spring (opening week) was always great for crappie.  I'd wait for a day with no wind and sun.  Then I'd go into the middle of lower between the islands and the channel.  Jig and twister, or pinkie jig.  Drift around and find the big schools.  When the wind/light was just right, you could see hundreds of crappies on the surface.

Those were some great times up there.  I miss Bucky.

And if you see an albino musky, she's probably pushing 50 inches now, I named her Walter.  Please give her my best!  And tell her it is about time that she and I get reaquainted.

3/29/21 @ 8:33 PM
USER SINCE 8/28/12

Going to be up on Bucky a lot this summer and I’m looking for some tips on the bass and possibly crappies. Just catch and release. Tia

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